here it is dudes and dudets and here are some attachments
hey dudes im not going to be on here so if i reply late then sorry<br>go to my youtube account and messege me, ill gladly help you out.
that a big bad bow right?
yep i did the modding no one else helped i wanted it to be my personal mod to a bow.
holy crap are those clips.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
&nbsp;thats so sweeeeeeet
no they are speed loaders <br /> 2. 10 shot<br /> 1. 20 shot<br /> and<br /> 1. 5 shot<br /> ........... I got bord so i made em and they arent that accurate but they are good up to 30-50 ft they lose accuracy
&nbsp;oh shiz i want that<br /> <br />
that means my bow is so accurate it might beat the + bow i doubt it but limit the bow to 120 then yes
thank you, if i&nbsp;had to consider witch is better&nbsp;this gun makes my recon look like a mini uzi next to a 50. CAL
thanks this hits about 100-145 ft with certin darts

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