Introduction: MY FIRST INSTRUCTABLE! ☺ :Knex Gun Ammo

It is almost the same size.

Step 1: Step One

As you can see I have a knex pin gun bullet. I will be making a different kind of bullet.

Step 2: Step Two

This + This

Step 3: Step Three

Equals This! ☺

Step 4: Epilogue (or Not)

they are almost the same size! ☺



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    make some minecraft tutorials plox. xD i love kinex and MC xdxdxdxd!!!

    if you want to see me in action go on multi player and add new server hypixel and go on turbo cart racers on lobby 1. My user name is JackFrost128. I will me on from two to four on saterdays an sundays only so I will see you some time, Bye :)

    Okay don't worry :) I know what it's like having younger brothers XD its totally fine

    Hmm. I'll think about it. However no offence I would rather vote for something I genuinely believe is better. Sorry (>_<)

    Hah okay thanks a lot and good luck with your instructables:)

    you're welcome and sorry I don't play me Minecraft :)

    Don't worry you're not being rude, however I never said I know your age, I just asked you to act more maturely :) it will help alot with getting views, subs, etc. Also, I think there is an age restriction of 13+ on ibles and surely you're not acting 13. Anyway good luck with future ibles :)

    Okay but what surprise? I appreciate that you're excited and welcome to the community but please try to act more mature ;)

    Decent ammo however I don't think it needs an ible. And please relate the title and title picture to the build :) welcome to ibles