It is almost the same size.

Step 1: Step One

As you can see I have a knex pin gun bullet. I will be making a different kind of bullet.

Step 2: Step Two

This + This

Step 3: Step Three

Equals This! ☺

Step 4: Epilogue (or Not)

they are almost the same size! ☺

<p>make some minecraft tutorials plox. xD i love kinex and MC xdxdxdxd!!!</p>
<p>if you want to see me in action go on multi player and add new server hypixel and go on turbo cart racers on lobby 1. My user name is JackFrost128. I will me on from two to four on saterdays an sundays only so I will see you some time, Bye :)</p>
It's now Dasten the devil
Decent ammo however I don't think it needs an ible. And please relate the title and title picture to the build :) welcome to ibles

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Bio: I like knex, legos, Minecraft
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