Step 1:

Please post more pics on the double jointed one, please?
lol<br><br> where did you get that much knex guys? I don't even have one
i found 2 big bags of k'nex on ebay awile ago. one bag had over hafe of them and the red crue and the bule crue and the other bag had just alot of bodys and heads
Haha thats awesome!<br><br>I like the alien one with double leg joints on the right :P
thanks if you like ill put more pic on how i did it
They need guns?
Nope. They sit there and stare through your soul with their beady, empty eye sockets until you can't bear the thought of life anymore and die.
come on be nice
why does one have the lego bionicle piraka minifigure head?

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