Hey everyone this is my first instructable.

Oodalumps made a semi-auto gun called the WASP. I built his wasp but I was unhappy since it can only shoot 18 shots. Plus, the turret takes SO many clips! So I put an oodammo magazine on the gun. This magazine is much more piece efficient than the turret and can hold more ammo. Enough talking, some pros and cons:



• More piece efficient than the turret

• Lighter than the WASP

30 round magazine! > 18

• 20-30 feet range

• Decent rate of fire

• Mods are pretty simple


• Sometimes jams and can't shoot all 30 rounds, can only shoot 25-27.

• Rate of fire is slower because if you shoot too fast the ammo can't go up the magazine in time.

• Range is a couple of feet less than the original wasp due to the magazine, where the bullets are touching each other, creating more friction. In the turret, the ammo is separated so there is less friction.


I'll post some more pics soon with my mods so that anyone can build this gun.

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<p>I followed you and you did a great job!</p>
<p>Thanks man! Although I don't have much time for knex anymore... School, sports, instrument, math at home, coding at home... too much. Appreciate the follow and followed you back!</p>
<p>I DON'T GET IT</p>
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Yeah Loosewire's gun is pretty cool but his instructions are terrible. I followed you BTW.
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<p>U guys got any other semi auto guns that have a good range and a good amount of ammo? I just built Loosewire's gun but his instructions are unclear and I must have built something wrong. My gun shoots like 5 feet, but if I put more bands, I can't pull back the trigger. The trigger hurts my hand, too. I'm taking it apart now.</p>
Loosewires gun is trash. Well, the instructions are anyway. I built it once and it didn't work and the instructions were confusing. You are not the only one to have issues with it. I may try my hand at a semi auto someday.
<p>Pretty cool! Nice first instructable!</p>
I like this. I hate oodammo magazines. I have been trying to build one for my gun that shoots all the ammo and doesn't explode. After 25+ trys I think I have it. Oodammo magazines are finicky. I like that you have built a mod for those people who don't have 100 grey clips to spare, and want more the 8 shots. I would love a video.
<p>U just put the rubber band for the magazine in the slot, it's unnecessary to have it.</p>
This looks pretty cool! What is the blue rod connected to the blue connector on top of the gun for?

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