My own solar generator: 32W, two function: solar charge, home-electric charge.
Included: 2x6W panels
2x10W panels
150W inverter
computer fan
charge controller circuit
car battery
angle iron

hi there, I am making a stationery solar laptop charger <br>which charge controller circuit i should specifically use ?<br>and for charging the laptop will 1 battery be sufficient ?
Hi Im making simular thing and does that transformer emiting lot's of heat becose I'm afraid that It will melt box :D
can u post the total circuit and block diagram of ur system and i want to know more abt ur charge controller ckt <br>ple
What kind of a battery and what charge controller are you using? Deep cycle battery? I have the same panels and I've been thinking about how to make a mount. Always seems so obvious when you see someone elses.
Thank for your attention. About battery, I use Delkor deep cycle battery - 35Ah. About connecting, we can parallel connect all of them.
hey there i need wt all the materials required for making it ple can u say it in detail i want to know more about it
I thought, hmmm interesting picture, I wonder how he did that and can I use it so I opened what I hoped was an instructable to find a simple slide show and parts list... booooo hisssssss
Thanks I8nite for your attention. <br>All materials are parallel connecting. If battery are full (with around 1-2 days full sunlight), we can use 1 fan(50W), 2 compact lights(8w), 1 small TV(50W) for 4 hours. <br>My English is not good, sorry if you do not understand. :)

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