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This was not meant to be a replica of Tony Stark's. I wanted my own version. It has 1 super bright bulb. My mom didn't know what an LED was so she got me those. It has 3 reactors combined to one.


Tr1t1um1 (author)2010-06-12

do you want to find out how to make one that can generate energy

makerboy112 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

That tech does not exist

Tr1t1um1 (author)makerboy1122010-06-12

it does i could send you a blueprint im working on my arc reactor at the miniature size can generate 300 kilowatts in one minute

TathagataR (author)Tr1t1um12015-06-03

I am interested so can you send me your blue prints

gdickson1 (author)Tr1t1um12013-04-11

I am incredibly interested in this! I would greatly appreciate if you could send some plans my way! (and I'm assuming in those 2 years you've had upgrades for more power no?)

JackBot (author)gdickson12013-11-24

everyone would be interested in the technology, but the only reason I would like the plans is because it sounds like those both are going to blow themselves up using made up element fusion reactions, unfortunately there is a massive chance that this is all made up, hate to be pessimistic but their comments below seem far-fetched, but I love to be proved wrong,

mightyunicorn (author)Tr1t1um12011-07-26

could u pls send me the blue print it would be great! :)

bombmaker2 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-18

Could you send me a blueprint?

Tr1t1um1 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

its my own invention i also use the k capture method with my arc reactor its gonna be the first of its own kind

makerboy112 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

Ok. Send it please

Tr1t1um1 (author)makerboy1122010-06-12

also how do it send it to you

makerboy112 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

Do you have myspace/facebook/flickr? You can just upload it thru there and send me a link

Tr1t1um1 (author)makerboy1122010-06-12

tell me when youve copied and pasted them so i can delete it

JackBot (author)makerboy1122013-11-24

this comment is quite a few years late, but technically the tech does exsist, we have used it in weapons for some time, you reply should have been you can't create an arc reactor that self produces enough energy output to support something comfortably,

JackBot (author)JackBot2013-11-24


mb inventor (author)2012-09-02


rijan (author)2011-12-10


drstrange02 (author)2010-09-19

If you made the wire apparatus on top and another on the bottom connected the 2 with pipe and bearings to allow for movement and positively charge one side and negative charge the other side. alternating the charge differently on the top slide and the bottom slide to repel each other causing them to spin. You would also be bombarding the positive and negative charges in the middle which if you filled with heavy water

someperson99 (author)2010-07-15

thanks but i think ill go with plexiglass and then trace the design on the plexiglass

makerboy112 (author)someperson992010-07-17


makerboy112 (author)someperson992010-07-15

you could always use cd cases

someperson99 (author)2010-07-14

makerboy112 your real smart im working on a project of making the mark v arc reactor with wood,pvc pipe,leds but i dont know what to use for a front plate that has the design, what do you suggest?

makerboy112 (author)someperson992010-07-15

For mine I used a can, but Barrel caps work, Plastic works, you can also make molds from plastic and card bord along with good eyes and steady hands. oh and its science fiction right now.

someperson99 (author)2010-07-14

by the way its gonna be a prop,(sorry if it sounds obvious)

someperson99 (author)2010-07-14

its just science fiction

someperson99 (author)2010-07-14

because you and that other guy were talking aboy making a real arc reactor and about palladium and lithium and i dont think people can actually make one arc reactor.

someperson99 (author)2010-07-09

whaaaaaaaaaat you know for a person of 14 your are pretty smart

makerboy112 (author)someperson992010-07-12

How do you figure?

makerboy112 (author)2010-06-12

Ahh, thanks. You may want to think of a better elemnt because Lithium reacts with air, heat and water very quickly

Tr1t1um1 (author)makerboy1122010-06-12

ino but the lithium vapour is used in the ion thrusters that produce heaps of thrust and if you want to stop it from reacting get a small time trap valve which lets small portions of the nitrogen ions in which help it slow the reaction down and it would last for at least 3 days straight making power

makerboy112 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

Good point, I'll see if I can think of another compound that willdo the same

Tr1t1um1 (author)makerboy1122010-06-12

look at the atom structure and see and test different metals see how many neutrons protons and electrons there are in the atoms just out of curiosity im going to see what affect palladium has

makerboy112 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

Palidum can just hold a charge Normally used in cellphone batterys

Tr1t1um1 (author)makerboy1122010-06-12

maybe but these are metals that have an effect with my k capture method read it In a method of utilizing the K capture process by the means of high energy electrons, comprising the step of preparing a target consisted of a first element, the novel steps of ionizing the atoms of the first element for producing nuclei to be transformed into the nuclei of a second element by removing at least one electron from the shell of the atom, introducing electrons into the nuclei, substantially one electron into one nucleus, for transforming them into the nuclei of the second element and completing the shell with the electrons, wherein the first element is selected from the group consisted of lithium, arsenic, titanium, ruthenium, palladium, silver, caesium, samarium, gadolinium, dysprosium, ytterbium, tantalum, iridium, plutonium, gold, mercury, plutonium and uranium.

Technoguy14 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-30

Your testimony is very good. But there is this one trickey problem. Considering the concept of arc reactor.It should generate energy form a radio active source. If you apply k method for the noble element thats ok. But the problem is your must apply some source of ionizationl to knock out the orbital electrons out of the metal atoms. Thats would mean a heat source. Just like the electron gun technique where electrons are exited from the electron rich metal basically a heavy metal by the application of heat energy. All in all its possible by mean of a suitable radio active source. specially uranium235 fissionable isotope. where the heat comes from the chain reation with some controlling from hafnium and cadmium metals for controlling the nuetron flow. Check out a more simpler version. Why not radium in liquid form where the gamma radiation from it delivers highfrequency electromagnetic waves exposing it to an induction coil will cut the flux and produce a high frequency AC sine wave current. But the voltage produced will be a little bit less. We can use suitable step up coils to boost that. Since the half life of radium is more that will do

Tr1t1um1 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

i need a metal that doesnt react with air and doesnt produce radiation when hit by a nitrogen laser

makerboy112 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

What about a modified gas that can turn into a solid? Or maybe magnet fusions with lithium and titanium

Tr1t1um1 (author)makerboy1122010-06-12

if we could melt the two elements togeather into a gas then convert the gas into the solid or i could try and create an element with my fusor but i ran out of deuterium gas

Tr1t1um1 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-13

but what about the helium 6 x rays that are being emitted

makerboy112 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

How about a High and low transistion metal, lithium, and cadium and nickel. So Titanium-40% cobalt-30% Cadium-5% Palidum- 5% Lithium-20%

Tr1t1um1 (author)makerboy1122010-06-12

ok but we still need to find the effects of the metals and find out which on helps generate more in the proccess

makerboy112 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

Im thinking since titanium does not react with air if we fuse it lithium it wont react as quickly.

Tr1t1um1 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

by the way how old ru im 14 u seem to no quite abit like me

makerboy112 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12


makerboy112 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-12

Thats a really long battery life

Technoguy14 (author)Tr1t1um12010-06-30

hey you are very smart. Are you good with material science and chemistry stuff

darknessfalls (author)2010-06-12

Pretty cool reactor, do you have any pictures of it lit up?

My camera wont pick up the light

ok, but it does look cool lit up right


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