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This is Tory at MYDIYCNC. This is one of the first of my instructable tutorials demonstrating one of the many ways you can use your MYDIYCNC machine. Our machines can be used for a wide range of projects from 3D Milling, Laser cutting, Engraving, PCB prototyping, and more! This tutorial will just be a brief step by step on how to engrave on your MYDIYCNC Machine. Anyone can do it, its fun, unique, and can have endless possibilities.


Step 1: Create Your G-code

You will need to Create your G-code. Familiarize yourself with programs such as Inkscape,Makercam, and FabCam

How you start is you find an image online that you want to engrave. Generally black and white images seem to be the easiest. Download your image, then you want to download software called Inkscape, once you have downloaded that then you want to import the image you have downloaded then you will need to "trace the image", tracing the image will turn the image into more of an outlining with solid lines minus all of the extra unneeded details.

Once you have traced the image you want to save the image as an SVG File. Once you have done this you can move on to actually making the G-code. Go to a website program called makercam.com. Here you will be able to set things like, depth of cut, number of passes, and tool selection.

Now when you are finished, export your G-code and save it to your computer.

<p>Thank you very much, I will be producing much more in the future :)</p>
<p>Cool! I like the eagle head. Nice and clean!</p>

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