MaKe YoUr OwN sCeNtSy BaRs!!!

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Sokami Wohali

Have you every been to a Scentsy party and saw (er smelled) a few scents that you want, or wanted some scents that you cant get from Scentsy or those knock off brands? Have you ever wanted to buy Scentsy bars but couldn't afford them?


In this Instructable, I am going to teach you how to make your VERY OWN Scentcy bars for ROCK BOTTOM PRICES (for the most part...youll see why in the next step!)!!!

I searched the site for an hour and havent found any 'ibles that even relate to this is the first and original!! yay

this project started as a valentines day gift for my wife and then it hit me...AN INSTRUCTABLE!!!

***ATTENTION TO ALL: Due to another member's attempt to carry out this project ending in a catastrophic failure for their Scentsy brand warmer, Instructables NOR Myself shall be held responsible should you attempt this project and it does not work in your warmer OR damage occurs to your warmer. If there is an issue, or you need help with this project, please feel free to PM me and I will look into the problem, and attempt to find a resolution. All requisitions made will be received and resolved on a FCFS basis, and assuming I have the available time to find a suitable resolution. I am a Professional Truck Driver, so I have little time available to me, So If it takes a while for me to reply to your Message, I either have seen it and not been able to reply yet, or I just haven't seen the message yet as it is difficult to find internet.

Thank You And Happy Hacking!!!
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This will not work for the Scentsy warmers due to the fact that they do not get hot enough to melt the wax from most candles. Scentsy uses a wax that has a low heat melting point for their warmers. They do sell warmers at Bath and Body work and a few other places that would get hot enough for this to work with. They are electric warmers made for use with scent tarts. Scent tarts are most often made from the same type of wax that is used in most candles. So this should work with these electric warmers where they are most likely to fail with the Scentsy warmers. I think the warmers are between $10-20. The one tip I have for those of you who have Scentsy warmers and want to be able to make your own scents is to reuse your wax and just add drops of essential oils to the wax after you place it into the plastic container so you can determine how much scent you want each block to have. You can experiment with scents and smells and add less or more essential oil depending on how strong you want them to be. I hope this is helpful.
sokamiwohali (author)  texasgirl19761 year ago
it will work. but for only certain candles. if it didnt work for the brand i posted, i wouldnt have posted the ible.i have used my wife's scentsy warmer to test this project 3 times on 3 candles. it works every time for certain types of candle wax. i do not post ibles without first making sure that it works. if it doesnt work, then i simply dont take pictures, and i do not start the editing process. i have already mentioned on this instructable that NOT ALL candles will work with this project. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE IBLE and not just one page.
I use these in my scentsy's all the time and have never ever yet (and have used MANY!) found a one that didn't work and/or ruined my scentsy. It's a much cheaper way to go. My only question to you Sokamiwohali is why do all the work when you can just go to Walmart, target, walgreens any of these stores or others and buy them for just $2! It's still much cheaper than $5 and you don't have all the work or mess ; )
sokamiwohali (author)  buell333 months ago

mostly bragging rights. something to be proud of. but also because a lot of those wax warmer makers may not have a scent you really like...or maybe the shopping location you are at doesn't have the warmer version (sold out for example) of it but they have a candle version...BAM why waste time and money (in fuel) trying to find a location that sells the scent when you could just make it yourself out of a candle?

My comment was not intended to say your instructable was wrong or inaccurate as a whole. I was only trying enhance this project with a few suggestions so everyone would be able to get the most out of this wonderful instructable. I said most candles not all may not work. I did read the whole instructable. I just wanted to help maybe expand the amount of people who could benefit from this from experiences of my own. Sorry you felt I was stepping on your toes.
sokamiwohali (author)  texasgirl19761 year ago bad i am sorry, we both stepped on each other's toes...i didnt see the "most" part of your comment.

To clear up the murky water here, just like ive said many times in comments and the ible itself, your right, most wont work. if you buy a decent brand candle, it is certain not to work. i use mainly mainstays brand from walmart.

I think we both could definately agree to NOT USE STRAIGHT PARAFIN WAX i do know that parafin is a hard wax, and wont work as well (if at all) with a scentsy warmer. But that is a good idea to use wax and essential oils to make the bars with. either way the work load is about the same.
Great idea! A lot of their scents are too strong for me anyways and I'd rather use essential oils.
Alisaw20106 months ago
I'm going to try this but I think I will use my 1 cup pyrex glass measuring cup to put the was in. It is heat proof (within reason) and has a handle and a spout which would make things easier to handle and pour with out making a mess. I've been saving my Scentsy trays for a while now so I'm happy to see this 'ible. Thanks so much!
sokamiwohali (author)  Alisaw20106 months ago
That is a great idea. it would definitely help to pour using the measuring cup. And you are welcome. good thing that you have those scentsy trays!!
Can you use unscented wax and add in a liquid scent? Also, could you use a plastic or silicon ice cube tray?
sokamiwohali (author)  chrisholly82287 months ago
I am not sure about the unscented wax/liq. scent. I didn't try that when I made the project. as far as ice cube trays, one user informed me that they did try it, and it worked. I believe they used a plastic one. if you look at the comments below you will find it. but they did not fill the trays all the way up. it was around 1/4-1/2 of the way filled...filled all the way up makes too much in the bar for the warmer to handle.
dsammut-bryan11 months ago
I like your detailed instructions. I tryed it and it worked great! I have also used an old vintage type ice cube maker. That works too. Thanks for you reusable instructions! Love it!
sokamiwohali (author)  dsammut-bryan11 months ago
sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much for the compliment. and i am glad this project was a success for you. thanks for feedback on the ice cube maker. what was the result of that? were the "wax cubes" just the right size, did you tinker with the amount of wax you put in the cube maker?
Yes I used a little bit less than half
ScubaKitty1 year ago
Call them Warm Waxies, Biscuits, creative! :)
kdavis171 year ago
Just call your ible "Make your own wax fragrance bars for warmers". Take out all references to the brand name; make sure it's ok to use the picture of the brand mold without actually referring to it's name. I found it a very easy and do-able instructable.
I have found that breaking off chunks of the candle or cutting it into small pieces works just as well and saves a LOT of time.
Another suggestion: if you are going to use this method and you want the wax to be as powdery as possible, I've found that using a zester or a very fine grater works extremely well. They sell small ones with handles on them (they almost resemble a spatula) at the local dollar store here and they work great!
And please be aware that I am in NO way trying to prevent anyone from trying your method. :)
sokamiwohali (author)  cvalentine31 year ago
great suggestion actually!! the problem for when i made the ible was that i was trying not to break the glass the wax came in so i could use it as a vessel to melt the wax...if you have wax that is not in a glass jar your method would work fine. in fact i bet spooning out the wax would work well too.

Also thank you for the idea of the zester...i would never have thought on this!!
Chrissyloo1 year ago
OK, I read you warnings concerning Scentsy. Here is the thing; have you contacted an intellectual property attorney? I would change your title to "Make Your Own Wax Bars For Your Scentsy Warmer." or something comparable, are you following me? I'm sure they are trying to tag you on patent infringement, trademark or copyright infringement, but they don't have a case and here is why; you are not selling the product therefor, you are not infringing upon their product. Another thing, Scentsy's method is posted on the USPTO (United States Patent and Trade Mark Office) website, anyone is free to go look to see how they do it as long as they don't sell it, they sure can make it for their personal use. Also, if you write this up as a review of Scentsy with a "but people can make a comparable product at home for less," you are more so protected because you are free to critique methods, etc... As long as you keep it "Compared to Scentsy." You are fine because otherwise Coke-a-Cola would have numerous causes against every other cola manufacturer, especially generics who often advertise "Compared to Coke-a-Cola." You get it...right. The news would be in trouble as well because they often report on products and then turn around and tell the consumer other methods to save money or be more effective. I won't purchase from Scentsy because I have had nothing but negative experiences from pushy and arrogant reps. I like their product, but it's like purchasing Mary Kay from a rep. Once you pull that trigger you find yourself being constantly bombarded, annoyed, harassed, and begged to no end. They create people who inadvertently make others dodge them like the plague.
sokamiwohali (author)  Chrissyloo1 year ago
your right in some aspects. according to the us copyright law i am in no way required to change anything in this project pecause i am using it under the "free use" clause of the law. this allows me to use their name in any matter that i feel so long as i am not using their name to endorse what i am doing for my own profit or personal gain. i am also using their name for educational purposes. because these three requirements are being met i am not legally required to change anyhing in this project. an as such since then they have not bothered me. so in a little while i will be adding the name back to the project as i originally had it. i spent long hours studying the US Copyright law, and had even contacted a copyright lawyer for consultation and they confirmed everything that i have stated.
sokamiwohali (author)  sokamiwohali1 year ago
also before making this project i had no idea that i could just go and look at how they did their stuff...cause honestly i dont care. i thought about my own way to do this and executed it.
tabbysdg1 year ago
i have tried this, some candles (the softer soy based waxes) worked ok.. others, the scentsy warmers didn't get hot enough (which is a good thing, the warmer should never get too hot) to melt them properly.. but i guess my question here is why melt them down and put into the other container?

YOU could also melt the wax in the candle container by sitting it on one of those candle warmer bases.... however i have also tried this and i had a giant hot jar of liquid wax that i didn't want to maybe melting it in another pot is the way to go...
i have just broken up or cut off from the candles that i tried this with.. and i am a consultant by the way.. i have a non scentsy warmer (shhh) lol, and it burns hotter than my scentsy warmers, so i found the hard wax candles do work better in it... however i am a bit leary at how hot it gets so i monitor it and am always near it if i am experimenting like this...

and to jcasey6 - note that the instructions on line for the brand of warmer at wal-mart state do not leave unattended and do not operate overnight.. so please be safe.....

and don't be so hard on us Scentsy consultants!!! we are only truly trying to sell a great quality product that we all believe in passionately and to make an income for us and our families... no different than any other sales based business from cars to cakes....
I can buy shoes at wal-mart or shoes at a designer store, both are shoes, but the difference in quality is apparent!!! and we all often know that you get what you pay for and most of us are ok with that.
sokamiwohali (author)  tabbysdg1 year ago
What i said about the scentsy consultant is not meant for everyone, but if thats the way you took it, seem like you know better when it comes to this, and so i think it does suprise you that a scentsy consultant was not smart enough to do that the instructions that came with the device let the wax cool and then peel it harm would have come. now as far as trying to make income and selling a truly quality product, your right. that is what most of you are trying to do...and i applaud you all who live and let live, but my comments were targeting those who just want to rag on other ppl and make others miserable cause they dont like someone elses idea on how to make the most of what you have. the idea behind this project was for ppl to be able to make bars similar to the scentsy product so that they may use more scents that scentsy doesnt offer. for example, the scent i used in this project, i know for a fact scentsy has never made...i cant remember the name, but i know that they have never made it. my wife loved the scent and therefore a new "ible" was born.

so as you can tell, this product is not meant to tank the scentsy brand (otherwise mainstays, scentsaionals, and a few other brands would have already tanked them because of the affordability of those brands compared to scentsy).
jcasey61 year ago
I have a walmart wax burner and have done this before :) it does melt the wax and makes the house smell good! I had one of those big candles that have the 3 wicks in the middle and i took the wax that broke off and placed it in the wax warmer. it lasted a few days (but i leave mine on 24/7) so if you dont leave it on, it wil last alot longer :)
abergeron1 year ago
I can't help but think a lot of the negative nellies are Scentsy consultants or are close to those that are...

First of all I'm a big supporter or direct sales since I've been it myself for 8 years, but if you've found a cheaper way in this economy more power to you! I would do this if I had more motivation since most Scentsy scents are too strong and give me a headache. I personally wouldn't use these in my Scentsy warmers because they are too expensive too chance on ruining, but you can get warmers at walmart for around $10 that take a regular (not $1 each) light bulb that would work with any of the wax you use.

Thank you for taking the time to try this and share it with us! It's unfortunate that there are those out there that would ruin this for others for their own financial gain.
sokamiwohali (author)  abergeron1 year ago
well, its go figure though...they compliance lady that i talked to was a real...well butt everyone on this site can see, nowhere did i mention that i wanted to make money off this, and in no way was i expecting to...i am not saying this is what you were saying about me, i am just saying...whats really funny though is that Mainstays, and Scentsationals have an EXACT replica of scentsy, yet nothing is being done to them, but lil ol me is getting piced on cuz i found a way to make scents that scentsy doesnt offer or discontinued...this is the world we live in now...unfortunately...thanks you for your sweet comment though its much appreciated.
Just as an FYI, not saying this isn't a great idea, but if you use this in your authentic Scentsy warmer you will void the warranty that comes with them. The only things you can use in their warmers are actual Scentsy products. Their wax is a "food" grade wax.
sokamiwohali (author)  Markeighs Mommy1 year ago
well, this isnt meant for just Scentsy. it could be for any warmer that can get hot enough to melt the wax, or simply for a flame based burner.
Nomianca1 year ago
Great job! I think the Instructable is very well done, however, I also think that in time this could get pricier than a Scentsy bar or equivalent. The "scent throw" from less expensive candles is NOT the same as a Scentsy bar. In the end you end up buying two or three times as many because they lose their smell considerable faster.
sokamiwohali (author)  Nomianca1 year ago
thank you very much Nomianca. it really depends on many factors such as brand, wax composition, etc. the candles i use are the knock off walmart brand...mainstays i believe...what ever the brand i use, i have found that the knockoff candles are best to use for this project as MOST of their scents havs a composition VERY similar to that as Scentsy(not only that, but the candles are $1.00 each, and if the pfoject fails, you can always make something else out of the wax, like pouring it back in the original container and sticking the original wick back in and using it as a really its not a 100% loss). Burn rate for even Scentsy brand cannot be relied on as the scents, and wax they have to use need to be "compatible" so to speak. if not, it will burn too fast, too slow, or it wont burn at all. i am sure they use a consistent mixture for everything, however like food, and paint and other products out there, every batch is different.
Shorties631 year ago
I started buying the knock off's and I used a Potpourri burner with a tea light candle and it worked great. I paid a $1.00 at a dollar store and $2.00 on the scented wax cubes. so i think I'll try this just to see how it works.
anglinn1 year ago
So I tried this and it does make cubes but they wouldn't melt right in my scentsy warmer, it left a mess and ruined the dish thing. I called my scentsy lady and and she said it's because they use a different wax not the same as candles so it melts at a different temp. So needless to say it cost me more cause it voided my warranty and I had to buy a new top for my warmer and the cost of the candle and warmer plate. It might work for other brands but I would not recommend it for scentsy brand stuff.
sokamiwohali (author)  anglinn1 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
Um... no offense but did the Eagle Scout just tell me I "should NEVER tell the truth" the scentsy consultant is my sister and I don't feel comfortable lying to her. I know the scentsy also use a lower wattage bulb than most other electric warmers. I'm not trying to promote or tear down any company I was just simply trying to help save another honest person some money if they use a scentsy brand warmer.
hmm sounds complicated. Is the wax non toxic?
sokamiwohali (author)  SweetOnScents1 year ago
Its not complicated... short form:

1) Melt candle wax.
2) Pour Candle wax into mould.
3) let wax harden.
4) melt in scentsy (or knock off) warmer.
soy wax is not toxic it's made from 100% soy bean oils, I've been working with soy wax for several years and love it
sokamiwohali (author)  MsJan1 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
iwtw2 years ago
can we use ice cube trays?

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