Step 3: Preparation PT. 2

Picture of Preparation PT. 2
After a few minutes the residual wax should have melted...take as much of the powdery wax and fill the jar as full as you can get it without causing problems for the hot-plate (such as wax falling onto the plate and causing a fire. if this does happen, sit there and wait for the wax to burn off the plate, and then you will be ok to leave the room). HOWEVER MONITOR THE WAX/HOT-PLATE!!! AT ANY POINT SOMETHING CAN GO ASCUE AND A FIRE CAN BREAK OUT.

Whenever that bit of wax is melted, keep putting in more and more wax (little to big) until the jar is as full as you can get it...again, without causing problems for the hot-plate.

This is really a waiting game now.
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