Mac 10: Collaboration With Red Book of Westmarch.

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Introduction: Mac 10: Collaboration With Red Book of Westmarch.

So this is the prototype V1. I had a snow day today so I had a little time to work on it.  Ignore the front of it because there is nothing really important there. The trigger works by pivoting and gliding up the hinge, releasing the firing fin. Inside is a compact Y-connecter barrel.The length that the pin comes out is neither bad nor good. What I'm asking you to do is make a handle/mag or make the handle and I can try on the mag. To make it easier on you I chose this type of trigger because it leaves plenty of space for you to make the handle. 

Things I just Added (That aren't in the pictures.)

In the back where the firing pin is, the upper first yellow 5 way connector on either side I replaced with a blue rod to prevent the trigger getting caught. You will know what I mean when you build this.

I modded the bottom of the trigger by making it connect to the barrel with 2 female parts of a hinge piece. It make the trigger sturdier.

Update 1- Increased pin draw back by moving trigger mech backwards. Removed blue rods because they are now useless. Fixed front, and added handle guard.



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    Okay, let me start by saying great work, seems like you two have still got a few tricks up your sleeves, so keep them coming! This one is very nice and looks like the first actual decent attempt at a Mac10 while minding the firing as well. I have made an in handle remov. mag gun a couple months ago inspired though very different than red's take. He's still waiting on me for it lol and I'm not sure when I'll post it, but it has a very very good handle and magazine so if you wanted, once it's posted you could take them...

    Well thanks first of all :D. Also, yea I would love to use your in handle with a removable mag in it. Question though, what bullet is in the mag, connector, rod?

    The gun looks good so far. It is very sturdy and well built.

    Thank you :D

    That's not spam, just...........sharing :D

    Crap, I forgot to add you to the collaboration list. Is there a way to add you now?

    Actually, this trigger seems really effective compared to some other variants of this kind. Do you mind if I try to incorporate something of this into my guns?