This is for the macguyver contest.
An ice cube
And a puppet apparentley (The instructons for the contest seemed to want puppets when I made this, it must have been a typo but I ran with it)

Step 1: Prep

Take your solid state H2O and cover one end in sodium cloride. Doc Sock here prefers an ice cube and basic table salt.

Step 2: Application

Now press into the affected area for a minute or so. the area will turn a frosty white.
repeat as necessary. Beleive it or not the sock actually helped in the handling of the ice.
This is a medical instructable. <br>So there is no need to make excuses for Doc Sock being present : the whole operation wouldn't do without him !&hellip; <br>Although you failed to write down an essential item in your material list (eg. the WART !!!), I vote for you with both hands raised !!!&hellip; <br> <br>
Thank you
Immune system should kills warts for you. If it's not read this www.wartremoval.ca
<p>Removing Our Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags Safely and Naturally. http://goo.gl/9alxML</p>
Not sure if this is a good idea... <br>
Of course this is a good idea, it's SCIENCE!!!
I myself just used ductape. And just keep it covered. It take time but alway work for me.

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