Mac Gyver BigLedLamp


Introduction: Mac Gyver BigLedLamp

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Some pieces from the bind ....

Step 1: Building...

You need:

1 led cob 5w (led cms/d !! this type have very white light) 18 volt

1 on off switch

2 battery 9volt

1 little radiator aluminium from pc

some wires,soldering materials,other for build your project like you want....

soldering two wires on led and join batteries in serial(9+9=18 volt),add the switch and fix the led on the base of radiator(dont worry,you can touch the led....the surfaces is low temperature),build a lamp how you want....

this project is for everywhere,every want,you only need to add some fantasy....

thank you to watch...good luck,oups good light......



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    The LED will finish off the batteries in no time... 9V batteries have a pretty low capacity.

    18650 batteries or 12V Lithium-Ion batteries could be way better (Check them on eBay, They're really cheap)

    sure!! depending of usage ......(

    in my case,have light for one hour....(maybe is battery at 300 mAh...)

    this led need 275 mAh......We can build a battery pack with others battery keeping in mind the type of usage you needed...!! emergency lamp(short time)

    exploring lamp or diving lamp(long time)....