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Some pieces from the bind ....

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You need:

1 led cob 5w (led cms/d !! this type have very white light) 18 volt

1 on off switch

2 battery 9volt

1 little radiator aluminium from pc

some wires,soldering materials,other for build your project like you want....

soldering two wires on led and join batteries in serial(9+9=18 volt),add the switch and fix the led on the base of radiator(dont worry,you can touch the led....the surfaces is low temperature),build a lamp how you want....

this project is for everywhere,every want,you only need to add some fantasy....

thank you to watch...good luck,oups good light......


Yonatan24 (author)2016-03-19

9V batteries? Really?

alby21europa (author)Yonatan242016-03-20

yes....! why...?

Yonatan24 (author)alby21europa2016-03-20

The LED will finish off the batteries in no time... 9V batteries have a pretty low capacity.

18650 batteries or 12V Lithium-Ion batteries could be way better (Check them on eBay, They're really cheap)

alby21europa (author)Yonatan242016-03-20

sure!! depending of usage ......(

in my case,have light for one hour....(maybe is battery at 300 mAh...)

this led need 275 mAh......We can build a battery pack with others battery keeping in mind the type of usage you needed...!! emergency lamp(short time)

exploring lamp or diving lamp(long time)....

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