Did you know your keyboard has 400 times as much bacteria as a toilet seat !!!
That alone is a good enough reason to clean your keyboard !
Also nobody wants to type on a grubby keyboard :P

So follow these steps to typing heaven :D

The pictures are of a Mac keyboard but this process works on all keyboards

Step 1: Cleaning Tools

You could just use a Q-Tip to clean your keyboard, but I decided to use a Dremel with three cleaning attachments.


Soft cotton circle,
- Good for picking up dirt between the keys

Small plastic brush,
- Gets to hard to reach places

White abrasive bit,
- Gets muck off tops of keys
<p>I like to take a picture of my keyboard before I take it apart, to make it easier to put back together correctly.</p>
Does anyone know how to pop the clear back off this style keyboard? preferably with out damaging the rest of the keyboard.
&quot;i switched to Dvorak and its taken me <strong>two whole days</strong>&quot; ... LOL!
haha nice dremel ;)
I&nbsp;actually prefer Colemak.&nbsp; What made me choose it instead of Dvorak was the ease of switching from qwerty.&nbsp; According to Carlpax, Colemak is a little bit better than Dvorak anyway, and it is much easier to learn, so I see it as a win-win situation.<br />
Mine was worse. I have that one and there was a fricken fly in it. And half its weight in crumbs.
yum.<br />
lol. i think it must be almost time to clean it out again...<br />
One thing I know from experience, is even if some sites say you can, <strong>DONT</strong> put your keyboard in the dishwasher. It completely destroyed it.<br/>
Who the hell want to put their keyboard in the dishwasher??? Dishwashers are designed to wash dishes, not electronics!
me.<br />
*ahem* look at <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Clean-Your-Computer-Keyboard/">this</a><br/>
haha ok, i wouldn't do that anyway lol !
That's not even half as dirty as my mac's keyboard. It's used and someone spilled something brown and sticky on it. I don't even want to open it up!<br />
Nice instructable! How hard was it to go to dvorak?
It wasnt hard to change the keyboard, its taken me about 5 hours to learn the key layout. i would reccomend doing it though :D
&nbsp;don't&nbsp;you have to reconfigure the computers settings to&nbsp;switch&nbsp;to&nbsp;Dvor&aacute;k?
Just wondering, why did you change? Is it easier or something, or just to look &quot;cool&quot;?<br/><br/><sub>or geeky</sub><br/>
lol, its a better layout, easier to type than Qwerty and faster too, It also reduces Repetitive strain injury. and yes lol it is geeky, i like that and its something most people cant do :D
Just did this today. I have two Apple keyboards, one white and one black keys. I&nbsp;switched some of them around, it looks really cool.<br />
If your keyboard has 400 times more bacteria than your toilet, then it brings up a question;<em>WHO'S BEEN SH*TIN ON MA KEYBOARD?!?!?!</em><br/>
wtf @ 2nd pic your key looks silly
what lol
3rd pic sry
ok lol
Your method doesn't really remove the <em>Bacteria</em> you talked about! Maybe spraying a little alcohol first, or wetting the buffing brush with it would do the trick!<br/>
True, thats a good idea, ill add another step
hehe i gotta get me a dremel... and those keyboards are horrible for getting dirty quickly!! i use one of the older mac keyboards now, with the black keys on it, so it doesn't show up as much dirt :-) nice 'ible
Thanks, /o/ yea dremels rock
Thank you! It's about time I clean my keyboard...
Haha glad you liked it :D

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