Picture of Mac-O-Lanterns
This Halloween season, bring an old computer back from the dead. Here's all you need to turn that dusty old Mac Classic into a glowing, Halloween treat. Besides a working computer and a little technical know-how (very little), all you need is three cans of spray paint and a bit of epoxy. And here's the best part...no slimy guts to clean out!

Step 1: Paint the entire body orange.

Picture of Paint the entire body orange.
Give your old Mac a nice cleaning and then mask off the screen with tape. We used clear shipping tape. For the painting, we used Krylon Fusion Pumpkin Orange spray paint. We started with another type of paint, but it didn't adhere very well. The Fusion line is made especially for plastic and worked great.
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NamedJohnny10 months ago

this is simply genius! I love it

chall321 year ago
i honestly think it is a good thing its recycling old tech with a cool theme espically if your a nerd and love halloween
sprinkles682 years ago
These are super neat! If only it was easier to find a working vintage mac computer!
lane295 years ago
how dare u ruin a perfectly good apple
how dare u buy a mac in the first place... every one knows that windows is waaaaaaay better ;)
Yes, well, in 1984 when the original Macintosh came out, there was no such thing as Windows. I think you will be hard pressed to prove that DOS was superior to a Mac.
windows sux
lol owned

sent from my macbook

Linux is the way to go.
j.e.s.1 zye4 years ago
ipad is the best
linex is the beeeeeessssst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Technically, if you get a new keyboard and mouse, it works fine..
lane295 years ago
i just like old apple computers
codongolev5 years ago
BWAHAHAHAHA it's great.
harpek6 years ago
*ADORABLE* I reposted this as a cool thing on my blog!
Fusebox (author) 6 years ago
Not a dumb question. You will also need a mouse for turning it on and off. We have extra mice so it's not a problem. You can get a USB/5-pin adapter so you can use your current computer mouse for that purpose.
mstencel6 years ago
Ok, hope this isn't a dum-b question, but don't you need the mouse to load/start JPEG View off the floppy? It's been many years, since I've messed with JPV, so I can't remember...
Mr. Twist6 years ago
Holy bejeebajabbers I didn't even notice that was the mouse until i actualy read it....wierd.
Zero_Xavier6 years ago
Be careful that you do not accidentally use an old Mac that is valuable! My brother almost killed an old rare Macintosh Plus that has all the original creators signatures inside. AKA : Worth $$$$$!!!
I own a Macintosh plus with the signatures inside. They're in raised plastic on the inside. How much would that be worth?
That I think, may be a duplicate, I am not sure though. My brother's Mac Plus has a metal outside case (the top that slides off) with the signatures engraved into it. Like with one of those hand held metal etchers/engravers. Like you would use to engrave your name into your water canteen. I heard some where that they are worth in the 10s of 1,000s of dollars. My brother found his at the hospital when he was helping clean their storage area in boy scouts. They let him keep the computer for doing the work. I will contact Apple Computers and find out and info I can, I will post what they send me.
Cool instrucable, but where could i get one of these?
This is WAY freaking cute! I love that these little guys inspire so many projects. i'll be linking to this in my next halloween Roundup.
i should do this to my laptop...
altomic6 years ago
I live in australia where we don't practise devil worshipping in such a way as Halloween.* (we believe good old animal sacrifice) anyway - cool Idea. *yeah, I know halloween is a pagan ritual. just ragging on you.
Fusebox (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for all the great feedback, everyone.

Due to popular demand, I have uploaded the JPEG faces onto my Flickr account. Feel free to download and use.
scs68 Fusebox6 years ago
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!
herbvee6 years ago
Anybody know where to get animated tools w/ sound. I am doing this to a Classic II.
scs686 years ago
This is FANTASTIC! I'd like to try it on my old Mac, but I'm no artist. Any chance you could post or email the jpegs?
hyspirit6 years ago
Very cool.
ThomasR1426 years ago
thats is the best frekin thing i'v seen on here.
HammyHavoc7 years ago
Apple pwns. Apple pwns harder at Halloween [:
Amen Brother
i think you could have done something much cooler with these old macs, but i guess it is ok
T-K7 years ago
I'm making this right now, shaking the spray paint can. Finally I have a use for that old Mac SE shell in the garden shed after salvaging the parts.
=SMART=7 years ago
my local stationers still sells floppy disks, the guy who runs it is a bit of a geek and i think he thinks its funny :D
Arbitror7 years ago
This totally rocks, suddenly a Mac Classic goes from being an oversized paperweight to being something really useful (useful being a fairly loose term here)! I'll have to convince my friend to do this to his Mac next year (since I don't have one myself). Great job.
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