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In this instructable you will learn how to install Mac OS 7 on windows. Dont worry I have all the files you need. :)

DOWNLOAD THIS FROM APPLE..... You wont need it but its just so apple gets the credit for the OS. So please download if your gonna do this.

Step 1: Download and Unrar.

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Ok here are those files i promised you.

Download and unrar them to a folder or somthing.

Once they are unrared youll find a zip file in the folder. Extract it and youll fine a 24 mb disk image.

Step 2: Run the Emulator.

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Ok open up the mini vmac program and youll get a screen with a disk and a "?". That means that there is no disk inserted right now. So to put a disk in drag the install 1.image file into the emulator and it will say welcome to macintosh and bring up an installer.

Step 3: Install

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Its gonna say can't install because its not a system disk.. but remember that disk imaged we unzipped earlyer? Well drag it into the emulator and click install. It will prompt you to insert a different disk. Find it from the images that you unrared earlyer. You will have to change disks a few times and just drag and drop. Dont worry about ejecting, it does it automaticly when you drag the new one in.

Step 4: Finish Up

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Ok now that you have it installed click quit. Then it will say its say to turn off. Click restart and it will bring up the no disk thing again. This time drag the 24 mb hard drive image into the emulator and it will start up. Every time you want to run the os for now on just drag that hard drive image in.


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Leethetechthing. (author)2015-05-13

bauerbach (author)2014-05-02

Mac OS 7 is SO outdated!

imayoutuber (author)2014-02-06


chinbean (author)2013-06-24

hello i am not able download and the extra files. please help.

JazzyTunes (author)2011-02-21

amazing tip :)

mrbob1000 (author)2007-04-11

how do i add software to it? its kind of boring without software... please post instructions and a link to how to install some apps

You can find disk images online. Ill post some later

I'm also interested to know how I can install some softwares on the emulator :s I have found several files on the internet but I dont know how to use them.
Anyway, thank you for that great instructable :)

soeinegaudi (author)2009-10-31

great project !!! thank you verry much !
Is it possible to install old mac software on it ?
do you know were to get usefull programs that could be jused under this os ?

jwoo2023 (author)2009-10-14

The website doesen't come up!

jwoo2023 (author)jwoo20232009-10-14

Oh Now it works

cotton (author)2008-01-12

how do you make a bigger disk i need one

Derin (author)cotton2009-07-25

open the disk file with notepad then copy-paste the contents now when you boot it will give a sad mac reinstall mac free hd enlarging

Derin (author)2009-07-25

I modded the HD file to give it a huge amount of hd

conradev (author)2009-04-19

i can run os 8.1 on a psp for gods sake

foxtrot4697 (author)conradev2009-05-09

how do you get it on th psp?!?

ReCreate (author)foxtrot46972009-07-13

There is some emulator out there

foxtrot4697 (author)ReCreate2009-07-14

ohhh, then this might work i think you need 1.5 OFW or CFW

ReCreate (author)foxtrot46972009-07-14

Ah yes, that is what it is, Its 80MB i remember that.

foxtrot4697 (author)ReCreate2009-07-14

ok i put it on my psp and it worked

conradev (author)foxtrot46972009-07-15

Its called Basilisk II, sorry for not commenting for so long

foxtrot4697 (author)foxtrot46972009-07-14

*or any CFW

Yerboogieman (author)2008-12-09

Does this work for OS 9 OR X?

derfman24 (author)Yerboogieman2009-03-16

To install Mac OSX as a second OS, as opposed to Windows, you need an Intel compatible Mac OS, such as Tiger or Leopard. If you want to install an earlier Mac OS, using PearPC works.

CyberTech2000 (author)2009-01-04


Yerboogieman (author)2008-07-16

why the hell do you want OS 7?

Maccaro (author)Yerboogieman2008-12-09

Why wouldn't you want to relive that childhood memory of a not so colourful mac.

Yerboogieman (author)Maccaro2008-12-09

It wasn't what it was put up to be in the movie hackers. Or else my school would be flooded by now.

Ds HaKa (author)2007-12-12

how do u download the software

onlyonebowman (author)2008-02-09

i got this on for my flash drive and it has stuff like mac paint but you can also get the torrent for it to with a lot of other stuff

el-pedro (author)2007-11-02

Cool, i have a mac classic 2 and this might work for some of the software

Biotele (author)2007-06-14

This is very useful. I have some old mac files that i want to transfer. Thanks.

lookatmygrlyfont (author)Biotele2007-06-14

your welcome :)

v10m (author)2007-06-05

how do you close the error messages like when it sais "please shut down the emulated computer before quiting

lookatmygrlyfont (author)v10m2007-06-05

you have to go to special > shutdown when your booted. or you could press ctrl + alt + delete and end the task.

trickmirror (author)2007-05-22

Hey, cool idea, though i was wondering if you could help. ive managed to get the end bit, but when i move the hfs24m.dsk file in, nothing happens after. any ideas?

umm well if your at the installer screen drag it in and hit switch disk until the drive says unitled. if thats not your prob let me know and ill help u out.

lemonie (author)2007-04-11

As a purely impartial and genuinely inquisitive comment: What are the advantages of doing this? I believe I could install and run a Z-80 emulator on this machine, but I'm not sufficiently inclined to do so...

lookatmygrlyfont (author)lemonie2007-04-11

well there is no point but you can say you installed it on your computer.

lemonie (author)lookatmygrlyfont2007-04-12

What would be really cool to say you had installed on your machine? RISC OS?

lookatmygrlyfont (author)lemonie2007-04-12

i guess

LasVegas (author)2007-04-11

A note about the software. You can legally supply a link to Apple's System 7, but not supply the OS yourself. Apple likes to keep control of tthe distribution of this free software.

Also, try out SoftMac XP or Basilisk II for full color Mac Emulation!

Well if i do that you wont be able to extract it on a pc. If you want ill give you a d/l link from apple then you can download it and my install package and just delete the one from apple so you can say you downloaded it from apple. Good luck finding a rom unless you have an old mac for Softmac xp and Basilisk II.

Apple distributes System 7 as disk images, the same as you have. You can expand bin format with StuffIt Expander (also free). For vMac you need a pirated copy of the FatMac (512) or Mac Plus ROMs too. The ROMs for SoftMac and Basilisk (Mac II or newer) aren't too difficult to find.

CowGuy (author)2007-04-10

Thanks, I love old macs!

lookatmygrlyfont (author)CowGuy2007-04-10

your welcome :)

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