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Hello there,
A while back I released an instructable on getting PCSX up and running in Snow Leopard, I have since found a more stable/ and quite frankly all round better program, PCSX-Reloaded. In my case, it has been alot more reliable and easier to use with still more features. So here is a tutorial on getting PCSX-Reloaded up and running :)

QUICK NOTE: If you followed my previous instructable about installing PCSX, before you begin this, drag your current PCSX from your applications to the trash and empty.

Step 1: Files

Picture of Files

So then, we begin by downloading our necessary files:

That's our necessary files.

Download from this link ( or from the file uploaded with this step.

Download PSX BIOS from this link ( or from the file uploaded with this step.

Step 2: Installation

Picture of Installation

Now, if you haven't already, go ahead and unzip, inside is the application.

Now drag the 'PCSX' file into your applications folder.

(If you followed my previous instructable go on to the next step here)

Next, if you haven't also already, unzip PSX BIOS and there is a folder with the BIOS you need. Now select all the files inside that folder (Picture 1) And put them inside this folder.
>> YOUR USERNAME (e.g. spikematthewspadley)
>> Library
>> Application Support
>> Pcsx
>> Bios

So your result should be something like Picture 2.

Step 3: Configure

Picture of Configure

Now, go into your applications folder and open up PCSX!

You'll want to change the settings in your preferences so they look like mine, in picture 2.

I also recommend that from that menu you select "Plugins" and configure your keyboard.

Step 4: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

And you're done, that was easy.
Now you can run BIOS, Play games from CDs and load from ISOs



MartzL (author)2016-02-12

When I to run ios a window opens saying, "The operation couldn’t be completed. Error Opening GPU Plugin"... What do I do? please help.

JosueS1 made it! (author)2014-10-05

Dude, you're awesome! :3


jak of all trades 822 (author)2012-11-16

A second question I have, is... I have Fpse for Android, I have a few roms on my phone for it, is there a way to have the same roms for my phone on my computer, and also be able to transfer the save file too and from my phone and computer?? That way I can play a game, ex. Silent Hill, while I'm out and then what progress I made while I was out I can then continue on my computer when I get home. Is that possible?? If not it's cool, just curious.

jak of all trades 822 (author)2012-11-16

Is there a way to use cheat codes?? Like Gameshark or Gamegenie codes?? I really enjoy these PS1 games, and I have a few ISO Roms to play as well as the disks them-selfs. But, at least for the ISO files, is there a way to use cheat/s codes?? Thank you.

kbrooks311 (author)2012-10-20

Hey man, I'm running 10.6.8 Mac OS X Snow Leopard, plenty of drive space and memory. I used this program before [the older version], and it worked great. I love being able to play Metal Gear Solid on this thing, however I am unable to beat the part that requires the user to plug the controller from port one to port two lol. Is there any way to do this?
My other question was the last version couldn't play the original Resident Evil, can this version play it? All of my games are original PS1 CD Roms.

Thanks so much man, this is an awesome emulator to play old games without having to re-buy the platform.

wewerejedi (author)2012-09-16

This may sound completely stupid, but PCSX isn't opening when I launch it... I've doubled check everything and I have done everything right up until now... help?

shannan1 (author)2012-09-10

can i customize controls in pcsx-reloaded? I can find the preferences.

random_havoc (author)2012-09-02

I'm a noob at this.

I just put this emulator on my brand new MacBook pro. I've used emulators for systems like NES and SNES, but I'm told using a Playstation one is more complex. I found a place to download PS games, but I'm told I need to have iso's to play them on the emulator or something? And they need to be done some special way to make the machine think they're cd's?

I downloaded one PS game. It was a .rar file, which opened into one .cue file and one .bin.ecm file. I don't know what to do with them.
In case you hadn't guessed, I have no idea what I'm doing at this point. Any help is appreciated.

nikkiahhh (author)2012-07-17


I keep on getting ERROR OPENING GPU PLUGIN :( i wna play monster rancher 2 but i cant!!! pls hep me :(

clockworkhunter (author)2012-06-03

Having some trouble. Did everything instructed but every time I open up an ISO rom I am prompted that there was an 'Error Opening GPU Plugin'. Can anybody offer some help with this please?

clockworkhunter (author)2012-06-03

For anybody still having trouble with this step, remember that these files need to go into your Pcsx folder in your USER Library, not HD Library. By default, Lion's User Libraries are hidden. Here are steps how to bypass this:

odoylerules2011 (author)2012-02-22

I tried opening an iso and it says "could not check cd-rom". I know others are having this problem, but no one has yet to post an answer. Could someone help me out with this?? Thanks.

Smokey14 (author)odoylerules20112012-02-25

I found out how to play them, got my FF8 going.
1. Just get a program called UnRarX, from (only takes a couple of seconds to download).
2. open it up and select 'browse' button in top right corner, then pick your game or .rar file.
3. Press 'extract' button, also in top right corner.
4. Once it has extracted, run PCSX> choose run iso and pick the game, all should be good. Game file should now look like a zip file rather than a blank piece of paper.

Hope this helps, i just got lucky with finding this i think.

tdrum1 (author)Smokey142012-06-02

Game won't show up on Desktop...
I have tried every single game I have, and they all won't show up on the desktop. It also gives me the same warning telling me that it cannot run please!

odoylerules2011 (author)Smokey142012-02-27

Yeah I used "The Unarchiver" app to basically do the same. I finally have mine working now, and I'm so happy lol. Thanks for the advice anyway, and it'll probably help others that are having the same problem.

chitchcock1 (author)2012-04-29


had a huge issue with this myself, it's hidden folder on Lion now :( so easy though, hold option and click go, library will be there.

sorry about double post, it wouldn't let me delete the other and I mistyped.

chitchcock1 (author)2012-04-29


had a huge issue with this myself, it's hidden folder on Lion now :( so easy though, hold command and click go, library will be there.

Smokey14 (author)2012-02-25

I also have the same problem as odoylerules2011.
Downloaded the first disc of FF8, it's a .rar file though, but get the same message when i try to load it. Does it need to be converted or something.

rhernandez16 (author)2011-12-04

whats a good site for ISOs? on mac

isher1992 (author)2011-11-15

hey spikeemp,
i clicked on the file to download it and it doesnt show up in my downloads, which is weird cuz i see it download. i need major help on that cuz the bio files are downloadin just fine :(

drakhlina-powsner (author)2011-11-12

When I try to open the ISO is says "Could not check CD-rom"

reeve24 (author)2011-11-06

You have the BIOS in the wrong place. There are three "Library" folders on a Mac system.


The BIOS goes in the last one, not the first where you currently have it.

pradek555 (author)2011-10-16

Hi, Spike
I've just downloaded PCSX reloaded.
install was easy but it will not create a pcsz folder in my application support folder.
Checked the preference window and see that the "simulate psx bios" is checked.
how do I uncheck it when it does not give me the option.

I'm running OSX Lion by the way.

ajøhnsøn (author)2011-09-21

Hey spikemp, I've followed all instructions and I'm still getting the missing BIOS error. Can I please get some assistance?

laxhead94 (author)2011-04-26

hi, great ible, but whatever i do i cannot get a psx file in my application support file

spikemp (author)laxhead942011-04-28

Hi laxhead94, have you tried opening PCSX once first, before you look for the application support file?


laxhead94 (author)spikemp2011-05-03

yes i have, several times actually but no application support file

amimajime (author)laxhead942011-09-06

Yes, I have this same problem too. I tried forever last night, but it was no use. Please help! Why doesn't it ever show up? I've got Mac OS Lion, is that the reason? I'd really like to play my old games here, but that folder is the only thing that's stopping me. It's just... not there. Please help someone

jemsz95 (author)amimajime2011-09-13

In lion the library folder under your username is hidden, maybe that could be your problem. Try going to Finder and hit Shift+Command+G and type in
~/Library/Application Support/Pcsx/Bios/

Hope it works!

amimajime (author)2011-09-06

Hi, I have a Mac OS Lion operating system. I can't find the PCXS folder in my Application Support folder. I tried opening the game and closing it, but to no avail. Why doesn't it show up? Can someone help? If you can, it'd be greatly appreciated. This is the only thing stopping me from playing PS1 games on my mac : (

spikemp (author)amimajime2011-09-07

It does definately work on Lion, I'm running Lion too. I'm not sure if installing it on Lion is any different, I'll look into it.


mbautista8 (author)2011-09-04

why doesn't work on apple only for intel. Do you have any emulator of ps1 for apple does have work iso files

amaler87 (author)2011-08-15

Does anyone know how I can get this to work using my usb xbox 360 controller? Or a plugin that will allow me to do so?

StrictlySparta (author)amaler872011-08-25

Hope this helps -

mmann3 (author)2011-08-22

will this work with final fantasy 9??

spikemp (author)mmann32011-08-23

It should, yeah.

adam5tele (author)2011-08-16

The Bios Pack link deosnt work...

spikemp (author)adam5tele2011-08-16

Yes it does!
Just don't use the 4shared link, the files uploaded to Instructables are all fine!

aborja (author)2011-07-25

Hey can i ask something la, since i already installed the psx-r, where can i find iso games?

bperez7 (author)2011-07-22

Heyy, spikemp I download all of this on my Mac computer and when I go to play a file game say like Spiderman.bin were do I go to start the game file


Papperskatt (author)2011-07-17

Thank you very much! PCSX is the only PS-emulator that I've found that works well on the Mac, but since Lion won't support PPC apps, I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to use it anymore when Lion gets released. But thanks to you I now don't have to worry anymore. :D

smurphy7 (author)2011-06-30

it won't run for me either. When i load try to load the rom it says erroe could not check the CD-rom

ndauer (author)2011-06-17

So... wait, this won't play ROMs? :(

spikemp (author)ndauer2011-06-20

It will, its under File > Run ISO. Then you select the ROM that you're trying to run.

superflare (author)2010-12-14

when i click the bios pack link it says its invlaid... am i doing something wrong?

spikemp (author)superflare2011-04-28

Have you tried the version I included with this instructable? Other than the 4shared link.

I have given this instruction my endorsement.

Very nice, got it to work without any problems, finally can play my old game :D

Thank you,-

j800r (author)2011-01-27

not working for me. no sound and the graphics are glitchy as hell. looks like i have no choice but to bootcamp :(

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