Picture of Mac OS X on PC Hack
This tutorial will show you exactly how to get the latest version of Mac OS X on your PC in a few simple steps, its also free.

I know many people that don't believe me when i say that Mac OS X works on PC...well it works and i want to share how to do it with you guys thats don't already know how :]

What you will need:

A dual core intel based PC
A torrent program or alternatively you could use rapidshare
A dvd burner
A blank 4.7GB dvd
InfraRecorder program (you can get this at http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/InfraRecorder/1179241924/1)
Determination and Patience :P

Step 1: Download iatkos v4i ISO

Picture of Download iatkos v4i ISO
You can search "iatkos v4i" or "iatkos" on google and find a link to a torrent


you can goto this link: http://hotfilms.org/non-windows/iatkos-v4i-intel-only-macos-10-5-4-a-99694.html it has all the rapidshare links for the ISO image. If you use this method to download the file you have to download all 24 of the parts.

Once you have downloaded all of the parts you must make sure they are all in the same folder and you have to extract the first file and it will automatically extract the rest into one folder. In order to extract these files you must have Winrar (can be found at www.rarlab.com/download.htm)

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dskcih4 months ago
Is this legal?
epicnoobpwn4 years ago
Is there a way I can get it to boot into windows by default and Mac OS X as a secondary OS?
epicnoobpwn4 years ago
I tried iAtkos v7. That worked. I tried iAtkos S3 v2 (its snow leopard) and it worked so much better. I mean everything worked. All my hardware. I could dualboot windows 7 and os x successfully. You'll find my instructable in the related bar on the right.
Is this a real mac os x, os or is only something fake? and wat is iatkos v4i or iPC, Kalyway, iDeneb?
xeonfuze (author)  iLikeCoolStuf6 years ago
Yes this is installs REAL Mac OS X on a PC...it is not a lookalike it is simply Mac OS X that has been modified to run on a PC. iPC, iAtkos, Kalyway and iDeneb are all different distros...they are different versions that have different bootloaders, kernels and drivers.
So lets say that i will use iPc if i download it and install it how many space do i will need
xeonfuze (author)  iLikeCoolStuf6 years ago
Mac OS X will take up around 9-10 Gigabtyes of hard drive space
So how do i can make mac bootable from a 16 Gigabtyes jump drive?

this will be my last question
Yes. Thats what I did. Takes 1hr to install.
xeonfuze (author)  iLikeCoolStuf6 years ago
well um, there are two ways of doing that, you could either make something similar to a live cd...but on a flash drive or you could install it on your flash drive by selecting it as your drive when you install it...but that would mean you could only boot it on your computer or a computer that is completely identical to yours...ok im not sure exactly how to do either of those but i will tell you this... google is your friend
Ok thx
after its all installed, does it have garage band and imove and all that stuff pre loaded, or do i have to jump through hoops to get it?
No that comes separately in the iLife package. Get it form Apple for $40 or torrent it.
xeonfuze (author)  jetsmiley1236 years ago
It really depends on what hackintish distro you decide to download...there are a couple of different versions...some of them come bundled with extra software...some do not. Once the operating system has been installed its exactly like running it on a mac...there is no real difference, so there is no need to worry. You can download software just as you would for a mac.
pako19906 years ago
hey....this is an interesting project ...but i have a question 'will my games and other programmes work with this change in os' thanks in advance
No. Windows and Mac have different file formats that are unique to each OS. Unless you could find software like Wine, only for Mac, then no, your Windows stuff will not work.
 Actually, Wine also works on Linux.
I know, I meant, for Mac instead of Linux. I have an Ubuntu machine with Wine.
Actually, through MacPorts and X11, Wine works great for me on Snow Leopard 10.6.6.
Can you play Xbox games on a PS3? Well, obviously Windows and Mac apps are totally incompatible since they are completely different OSs. You'll find the same apps made for Mac as for Windows, but you'll have to buy new. Seriously, there have been debates as to which OS is best for over 20 years now!
xeonfuze (author)  pako19906 years ago
well you would have to resize your partition that you current OS is on then make a second partition for Mac OSX, then install it. Once its installed you can access all files from you other partition. But you would need mac compatible software...as Mac OS X uses a different software platform.
Freshbott24 years ago
Wouldn't you need one of the specific Mac compatible graphics cards?

The number of graphics card models supplied in Macs is quite limited.
xeonfuze (author)  Freshbott24 years ago
A lot of hackintosh distributions come preloaded with many graphics card drivers, though I suppose it would be limited to what Macs support. If you have one of the latest and greatest graphics cards, you may encounter slight trouble. I haven't had any issues with my 9800GTX+ thus far, but this is a fairly old card, so it certainly makes sense that it would work. Sorry if I'm not of much assistance, but I myself haven't encountered any issues with graphics card drivers, not have I heard of any problems.
Nah man you've actually been of great assistance, I have the 9600. So it most likely would work.
mspearin5 years ago
Will iATKOS_V7 work with the rest of the programs that you said to use??
xeonfuze (author)  mspearin4 years ago
Any ISO will work with infrarecorder. Once the disc has been burned, all you have to do is follow prompts. Different Hackintosh distributions will require slightly different things, but all in all it's about following the prompts. Google will also be very useful.
raza.qadri5 years ago
 i have a laptop that i am thinking of doing this to
since this is a new laptop, i dont want to screw up and so i need to do my research. this laptop has a intel centrino core 2 duo t6500 2.10 GHZ processor... will this work?
xeonfuze (author)  raza.qadri5 years ago
Well you are going to need to make a separate partition in order to install it anyway.  So not a lot can really go wrong if you only mess around with your BLANK partition.  An intel centrino core 2 should work just fine in my opinion.  Newer Hackintosh distros even support AMD processors.   
 Will an Intel Celeron Dual-Core work??? Thanks!
 just buy the lepord thing or some thing and shuve it in your pc and it will run it or if you allready have a mac and a pc just put in a repair disk or some thing then woot you got a pac lol pc+mac=pac!
jttkill5 years ago
Is I possible to dual boot with this?
I have a problem when i go to install mac. When i boot from my dvd and it gets to the point where the apple screen comes up with the spinner on it, it will show an X in the middle of the screen and hang forever. I booted it again and made it show the diagnostic messages instead of the GUI screen, and it seems to get hung up here:

Waiting on <dict ID="0"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="1">IOResources</string><key>IOResourceMatch</key><string ID = "2">boot-uuid-media</string></dict>

I originally thought my cd burn was corrupt, but after doing a bit more research it seems that mac can't find it's root device, as if it can't find the DVD it's running off of. I can specify the rood device manually when it boots, but i don't know the BSD device name that mac assigns the cdrom drive, or for that matter, i don't even know if mac is recognizing the cdrom drive as a device at all. I don't know how much of a mac person you are, but any advice you could give me would be much appreciated.
xeonfuze (author)  doctasnowman6 years ago
Well unfortunately the results differ greatly from computer to computer. Like...the above distro works on MY computer perfectly but not on my dads computer. At this point i am really not sure what causes all these errors...but you aren't the only one having trouble with hackintosh, it can be fairly unstable. Im sorry but i have no real solution as i am not all that good in experimental areas such as these.
I downloaded and installed iDeneb and it works fine.
Does ideneb let your pc work faster than xp or no different from normal. And do any windows games work on it.
xeonfuze (author)  doctasnowman6 years ago
mayney936 years ago
has it got to be a dual core intel?
xeonfuze (author)  mayney936 years ago
as long as it is SSE2 or SSE3 it will work
ahhhhhh i have 2 comps that have deul core amd and 1 comp that has an intel pentium m crap i wanted to do this too
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