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I will be showing you a couple fun things to do in terminal. Terminal is A great app to learn about. You can do so many things. The original computers used a terminal like program to navigate around. Only Two Types of apples Ever did that.The Apple, and The Apple II.

Step 1: How to put widgets on your desktop

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First open terminal typ in  ( Defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode yes ) without the (parentheses) . YOu may need to log out and log back in or restart. Now open dashboard click and hold the widget  and click F4 it Should be on your desktop know.
Ploopy1 month ago


try the banner command [banner Instructables!]

or do this:

1. open anew terminal window

2. type emacs and hit enter

3. press esc

4.press x

5. type 5x5 crack mutating current

6. enjoy your computer trying to win at 5x5 by mutating the last move!

mines in a man voice
YOU DO SCRATCH TOO! you may know me as xboxdude
lockpick5 years ago
I heard of a way to run the matrix code in terminal do you know how cause I forgot before I tried it