I will be showing you a couple fun things to do in terminal. Terminal is A great app to learn about. You can do so many things. The original computers used a terminal like program to navigate around. Only Two Types of apples Ever did that.The Apple, and The Apple II.

Step 1: How to Put Widgets on Your Desktop

First open terminal typ in  ( Defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode yes ) without the (parentheses) . YOu may need to log out and log back in or restart. Now open dashboard click and hold the widget  and click F4 it Should be on your desktop know.
<p>Cool!</p><p>try the banner command [banner Instructables!]</p><p>or do this:</p><p>1. open anew terminal window</p><p>2. type emacs and hit enter</p><p>3. press esc</p><p>4.press x</p><p>5. type 5x5 crack mutating current</p><p>6. enjoy your computer trying to win at 5x5 by mutating the last move!</p>
mines in a man voice
YOU DO SCRATCH TOO! you may know me as xboxdude
I heard of a way to run the matrix code in terminal do you know how cause I forgot before I tried it

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