Make Your Own Personal Mini V Mac on a Flash Drive!!!!!




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Introduction: Make Your Own Personal Mini V Mac on a Flash Drive!!!!!

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I wil tell you how to mac your own mini V mac for windows and mac

Step 1: The Sourse

go to
click on applications
click on Mac-on-stick
click on mac-on-stick homepage
click on
download it with Bit Torrent(if you don't have bit torrent you can download it or use limewire torrent here is the downlad link download torrent program

Step 2: Get the Mac Ready for Birth

on the the file
uncompress the folder to some were on your flash drive or on you computer
open the folder and run Mini V Mac

Step 3: The Mac Ready for Mac 7.0.1 Install(inclued)

now to install mac 7.0.1
go to file
go to open disk image
open install1
click ok
then go to open disk image
open hfs24M.DSK
and install
you need open disk install 2 when it says insert install 2
then tidbits
then printing
then fonts
then install 1
NOW click on Quit
and restart

Step 4: It Lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after you restart
go to file
go to open disk image
open hfs24M.DSK
and your mac should start up
and there are apps installed on you mac like text editors and games

You made a mac
Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for more cool apps for you flash drive go to
you should download the menu apps and you have a hole bunce of apps on your flash drive
and to make mini v mac come in the flash drives menu copy the folder in the apps folder on your drive.



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    thank you all for reading my diy and now I'm in highschool yaaaaaaaaaaa

    Curious about some background-- what is "Mini V Mac"? Looks like something I'd like to mess with-- a link or short description would be groovy...

    3 replies

    vMac was an old operating system of Apple. Mini vMac is an emulator practically. You can also get Mini vMac on DS.

    Thanks (was fishing for an edit by the author tho...;)

    I love the idea of having an operating system on my flash drive and yes I will try this but I think SLAX
    Is Better Especially the graphics. But since I cant vote for my own instructable lol I will vote for this one NICE JOB

    3 replies

    I Use SLAX the other day on my pc its is SSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW. But i like it Try Puppy linux it works.

    Well what kinda processor are you using???? How much ram do you have ?? IF your using an MMX processor I will agree with you. If you have about 1.5ghz and 700mbs of ram it will be fast anything above is lickity split. I havent used it on anything slower than 1 ghz but even then it was still faster then windows...

    are you aloud to crosslink on this site to another website dealing with warez?

    1 reply

    What's p2p? (Sorry. Yes, I'm serious. No, I really don't know what p2p is. Please tell me? That's why I'm asking. Yes, I'm serious.)

    its not PSP it"s PEER-TO-PEER Like.......UH.......... Limewire

    Peer to peer. Like downloading. I believe.

    Thanks! I also found UTorrent Portable too. What a country.

    I have mini v mac on my nds too that shoud be my next one

    Spell check anyone?