Step 1: Quick Work - Disassembly of Magsafe Connection

Picture of Quick Work - Disassembly of Magsafe Connection
The MagSafe connector was already frayed free of the wire on my charger. But I did not have near enough wire to solder back onto. The aesthetically pleasing body of the connector needs to come off.

Out come the pliers (Slide lock in my case) to crush it off. Be careful not to damage the magnetic metal contact up front. We will still need to dig into this further to expose enough wire to solder to.
dkollin3 years ago
Apple just settled a class action lawsuit and is now replacing these for free: http://cnet.co/tl5p4W. I walked into the Mac store with my crappy one, they made me sign a document and then handed over a new one. Simple as that.
I managed  to remove the "aesthetically pleasing body of the connector" without damage. If you place the metal part of the magsafe into a vice you can then use a small screwdriver to prise the plastic housing off.

I then used a scalpel (exacto knife) to carefully cut the translucent blob off to expose the internal circuit board to make soldering easier. This was done with a single cut to one of the short sides and then simply peel it off.

Once I unsoldered and soldered the wires back on the plastic housing (along with the rubber boot) just clicked back into place. However, i could not get the translucent blob back on.