Inspired heavily by c4l3b's featured instructable, who was, in turn, inspired by bongofish, I decided to try the same thing out on my Core 2 Duo MacBook. The steps were just different enough that I thought a separate instructable was warranted. Also, c4l3b wasn't planning on leaving his iBook set up that way, and I did, so my instructions go a step or two further.

Want a tablet Mac? Got a MacBook and a Wacom tablet (They're under $100 at a lot of places)? Let's do this.

Wacom tablet that's smaller than your screen (I used an 8-year-old Graphire 2 USB)
A small Philips screw driver #00
A dremel tool, or similar
Some form of MacBook case. I used one of these
Some form of screen protector - you don't want to scratch it with your stylus. I used this one
UPDATE: I chopped the cable and added this tiny hub to the lid. Now there are no loose cables, I only need a USB (A to mini B) cables to connect the tablet, and instead of losing a port, I gain three.

Step 1: Strip the Screen

Follow a guide for your particular MacBook to remove the front bezel and detach the LCD panel (and camera, etc.) from the chassis. I used a guide from iFixit.

NOTE: There's a magnet on the left side of the screen if the laptop is open and facing you (indicated with yellow arrow in the render). Don't lose this magnet! It's how the MacBook knows the lid is closed and it should go to sleep.
How did you get the Wacom to work? I have tried everything however the pointer seems to jump around the screen. If i cover it in foil then it refuses to respond. <br> <br>Thanks
Thanks for the shout out, but it looks like you didn't really even do this mod. Your 3d renderings are nice and all, but you're not showing any real work here. Lets see some pictures of the actual unit!
Added pics!
I'm taking photos/video tonight. I just didn't have any batteries charged for my camera. I'll post them tonight.
sweet! Yo might also want to add a link to bongofish, the originators of the idea.
Good call. Thanks.

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