Have you ever been in a situation where your stove stopped working? Well, here is a solution to that, the MacGyver stove! To make this "MacGyver" stove, all you will need is a Hot Glue Gun and some paper clips (optional).

Step 1: The Use of the Glue Gun

      You will need to unscrew the body of the Hot Glue Gun and get the part attached to the wires, which is called the heat generator. Some may look different because most glue guns look different than the one I am using. But, it will be the little black/grey cylinder/cube attached to the cord.

Step 2: Making the Body

      For the body I used a paper plate because the heat generator did not touch it so I didn't have much worries about the fire hazard. But I would NOT recommend using this. If you can use something non flammable but can conduct heat fast. I would very much recommend using a metal pan by touching the genrator to it so the whole pan will become hot.
          Just touch the piece of food to the Generator or (if you used a metal pan) the metal pan, to cook it. Don't be mad if it takes a second. This will be hot a little after you plug it in so do not have in reach of kids.
           So, that is how MacGyver would do it. Enjoy your homemade "MacGyver stove!"
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