Picture of MacGyver style phone charger
To get you in the mood centre click on the MaGyver sound track mp3 (or if your on a laptop right click and open in new tab)

( I have found this works on most computers with a good internet connection )

MacGyver, is in trouble, Tied up and stuck in the the basement of a building with no way out, and a time bomb is going to go off in one hour. Of course he could defuse the bomb but there would be no explosion to run from at the end of the show.  He can call he friend Pet on his phone to come and let him out but of course there is  a problem, the phones battery is flat and he doesn't have a charger. No matter there is an old computer a photo copier and some tools.
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Step 1: Collecting supply's

Picture of Collecting supply's
Pete Knows MacGyver in trouble because his answer machine is working and we all know what that means!

As Macgyver looks around the room he can see an
  • Old computer
  • Photo copier or large old printer
  • soldering Iron
  • multimeter
  • Tin snips
  • Knead it
  • USB cable
  • Super villain
  • Duct tape

Step 2: Untieing himself and Harvesting the parts he will need

Picture of Untieing himself and Harvesting the parts he will need
MacGyvers first challenge is to resist been bored to death by the super villains monolog.
When he finally leaves Mac unties himself and gets to work striping the parts from the computer and photo copier.
What he needs is
  • USB plug
  • Bridge rectifier
  • Stepper motor
  • Wire
  • capacitor 1000mirco farad
The USB plugs are easy enough to identify he just cuts the circuit board with tin snips.
The bridge rectifier looks like four diodes side by side and has a + and - signs at each end of the circuit board and also a couple of ~ signs. This is located in the power supply and  again he cuts the circuit board with tin snips.
While hes at it he cuts some red, black and yellow wires.
Then he removes the largest stepper motor he can find from the photo copier, they look like a regular motor except they have four or more wires out  the back of them.

kas_ken1 year ago
Nice work,
Nice Nice
EmcySquare1 year ago
BTW: how can I tell a stepper motor from a "non-stepper"?
Can assume that steppers have 4 wires attached while "non-steppers" have only 2 ??

liquidhandwash (author)  EmcySquare1 year ago
that right
so could you rig this setup to say a bike perhaps?
liquidhandwash (author)  The_Black_Hole1 year ago
They make a great lighting dynamo, use a roller skate wheel or something larger on the end of the shaft, as a stepper works best at low rpms
Great presentation and awesome Macgyver'ing.
Would a 5v regulator be required for device safety in a less hostile scenario?
liquidhandwash (author)  shootermatic1 year ago
thanks for the comment, I dont think a regulator is required, for a couple of reasons, first the stepper motors Ive played with the output voltage is not as linear as you would expect, as the rpm increases the voltage increases to a point, then it stops increasing. also the few devices that Ive played with have some sort of over voltage protection built in, if the voltage gets to high they turn off.
Saying that, Im no expert, and I cant be 100% sure that you wont damage your equipment, but Ive plugged in lots of things, and they all still work.
Ive found that Apple devices need and extra component to make them work, Its a resistor across the center pins, google it if you need more detail.
Ok i'll fiddle and see what happens, thanks for the heads up :)
Tomdf1 year ago
Ha! Very cool format, and the picture is hilarious.
I think I remember the Prometheus Syndrome episode :O
liquidhandwash (author)  Tomdf1 year ago
thanks I was going for hilarious. :-)
Nice to see a Macgyver theme in a Macgyver contest. You've got my vote, and I've got a new outgoing message for my voicemail.
liquidhandwash (author)  justinbethea1 year ago
Thanks Justinbethea, its great to hear you enjoyed it and that the sound woks for you. I wanted to make a "Ible that's a bit different and give readers a giggle.
I had a few issues with getting this instructable, up as
I couldn't upload photos for few days , the sound stopped working, The site crashed and I lost a heap of text a couple of times the name changed to jury-rig it, and then when I finally published the instructable it tripped a filter so no one could see it.
I nearly gave up
So it is really good to hear it was worth the effort.
rimar20001 year ago
Thanks for the idea, I have some stepper motors and could make one of these.
liquidhandwash (author)  rimar20001 year ago
Thanks rimar,I recommend a larger stepper that the one Macgyver has, it only just does the job.
can you hear the sound tracks when you click on them?
Yes, I can hear them, but I don't understand spoken English.
Yes, I can hear them ;-)
liquidhandwash (author)  FoamboardRC1 year ago
thanks I wasn't sure if was going to work or not
EmcySquare1 year ago
Simply GREAT !!