Picture of Macabre Halloween chandelier
In this instructable I will show you how to build a cool halloween prop / chandelier using materials from your local dollar store.

Step 1: Materials Used

Materials Used:

1 Dollar Store skull

1 Hanging chain

1 Fake eye ball or ping pong ball

white, black, and red acrylic paint

1 Can black spray paint

1 Dollar Store Halloween doily/

1 Pot stand

3 Battery powered candles from the Dollar Store

1 Blackbird from Dollar Store

1 Glue gun and hot glue

1 paint brush

1 paint mixing dish

bagnitsch11 months ago

Oh my gosh this is actually kind of scary! Good job!

jzuwala motts (author) 1 year ago
Not soon enough
tstevens-11 year ago
When is Halloween?