Macaroni and Cheese on a Stick


Step 5: Stick It!!

Picture of Stick It!!
Mac & Cheese Stick.JPG
Mac & Cheese Stick (4).JPG
Mac & Cheese Stick (5).JPG
Once all balls are fried and cooled, place them on skewers and serve to your guests... or eat them all yourself (muahahaha!)
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Darwinfish4 years ago
This looks amazing. But it desperately needs one thing. BACON.
JermsG4 years ago
Darn you and your artery-clogging goodness! I wasn't hungry until I read this... no prizes for guessing my craving now!
a cookie4 years ago
nice is the red stuff ketchup?
silverrock (author)  a cookie4 years ago
Yup! It sure it!