Macbook Air Broken Hinge Brace




Introduction: Macbook Air Broken Hinge Brace

If the hinge on your old Macbook Air has cracked--I'm sorry. Replacing the hinge is costly and difficult (prying the glued bezel from the screen).

This instructable shows how to make a brace that will

1) prevent further damage

2) allow continued use of your computer

This will not fix the hinge or allow you to close the machine.

Step 1:

First, print the two end pieces (or have them printed, shouldn't cost more than a few dollars). Get a 24 inch long 1/4 inch x 20 threaded rod (available at Home Depot) and cut to length (about 14 inches).

Step 2:

Place the end pieces on the computer and tighten the threaded rods to hold the assembly together.

Step 3:

Your thin laptop has now become a thin desktop machine, but it is still functional and you can (without panic pressure) determine whether to repair, replace or live with the situation.



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