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Introduction: Macbook Pro Cooler

This might not be as creative and crazy as the many other inventions out there, but this is a straight up simple DIY Macbook Pro cooler! You'd be surprised about how many people are concerned about heat issues associated with the Macbook Pros, so here is an easy solution.

A mini cardboard prop box 3"x4"x.75" placed underneath the laptop. The angle of the screen will funnel all air into the vents of the Macbook pro and also underneath the laptop itself. Works likes a simple charm. Also great for the summer because it keeps you cool too.



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    Wow, I love your minimalist style

    I angle my fan so that the "wind" blows across the laptop from behind right to front left, cooling me but not directily blowing on me... means I get the chills when I'm eating ice cream and watching Sanctuary or House from my torrent download, but HEY!!! it works on my Aspire like a charm. And it's cheaper and easier to just buy a fan at a local store than to deal with other issues.

    To keep the temp down on my Powerbook 17", I put two #2 lead pencils under it... The pencil, easy to re-boot, no need for external power aside from manual... Don't leave home without one...

    I used to use that exact same fan if I'm not mistaken, but I've upgraded. And it wasn't on a macbook tho.

    ya the notebook vent are output hot air. it is the best if you blow your fan from the bottom of your lappy. i have an idea to make ultimate DIY laptop cooler which will sacrifice your desk by drilling 1 large hole on top of your desk and locate your fan beneath it.

    Well the benefit of using a regular vornado is that it blends in as another device in the room, plus it also cools off the user when things get hot. It's really powerful and for people who already own fans, it will not cost you extra money. This is a DIY tactic to keep both you and your laptop cool

    The powerbooks vents are outputs for hot air. If you push in cold air, it'll cool the hot air inside without trapping it. The Macbook's aluminum casing acts as a heat sink and heat will escape from the case itself. If you cool the case, heat will escape through it faster. Using an additional fan should work on desktops as well, but don't see why unless you were trying to overclock your processor which might be a different story. The encasing for a laptop is different because the computer parts are working within a smaller enclosure. This is better for the Macbooks because of the new duo intel processors which generate more heat than any other. But either way, if you need to chill your equipment, I recommend the Vornado-like fans because of their smallness and ability to funnel air). You can use software like Hardware Monitor to see and test if it works. I've went as far as using an air conditioner and naturally it cooled it much faster (about 1 degree every minute) but it can get pretty chilly.

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    "The powerbooks vents are outputs for hot air. If you push in cold air, it'll cool the hot air inside" HIDE! APPLE TORNADO!!

    I don't know about the MacBook, but on my PB the back vent is the output. This would push the air backward, making it hotter.

    That's actually really cleaver. Can you do somthing like that with a desktop computer?