So I've been designing Macbot, and I can't wait to actually build this thing.
The "brain" will be a mac mini that is set up to automatically log in and connect to a computer-generated, password-protected network.
It will be controlled through another mac via the screen share abilities of the Mac
I am still working on the program (though I am almost done!!!), I call it ROS, which stands for Robotic Operating System (I know, original, huh?) even though ironically it is just a program
The basic functionalities are: "seeing" through a webcam, moving via motors, and speech, through speakers (which I forgot to add to the model)
All devices connected through USB
CAD model made in Blender 2.5
ROS made in xcode

I am entering this in the 13-18 year old category for the nrw robotics contest
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Step 1: Back

Picture of Back
This is the back view

Step 2: Side views

Picture of Side views
Macbot right side.png
These are the views from the side

Step 3: Other views

Picture of Other views
Macbot view backright.png
These are the front-left and back-right views
surya_1431 year ago
Hey i am surya
I like your way of explaining things
I am now studying elctrical and electronic engineering
U have any wechat or Fb
I just want to gain some content from you
bhylak3 years ago
Wheres the battery? Once you add a 12v battery, the weight most likely will be too heavy for those small little motors... You would probably need an inverter too...
A-Nony-Mus (author)  bhylak3 years ago
The motors I plan on adding are actually much bigger, it isn't drawn to scale. But yeah, batteries are DC, so I will need an inverter, I didn't draw those in because a.) I forgot, b.) not quite sure where I should put them.
lol thats half the project. Anything worked up for charging?
A-Nony-Mus (author)  bhylak3 years ago
charging as in electrical charge or as in $$$?
As in electrical...
A-Nony-Mus (author)  bhylak3 years ago
Not yet. I do know that if I design my own circuit to drive the motors (i've seriously been considering it) I'll have to add diodes to keep the motors from frying the computer, but that is about the extent of it.
Regular Diodes won't be good enough. You'll need a Voltage Regulator.
ZxxxY4 years ago
Awesome, I was thinking the same thing about making macmini robot! If you sucess please share!!