I have combined the Texas Instrument Sensor Tag CC2650 with the Raspberry Pi camera to develop a dashboard with some awesome information. I wired the project using IBM Node Red which comes installed on the Raspberry Pi image. The camera sends data to Microsoft Cognitive services to return a description of what the camera sees. This data can open up to endless applications.My example is a simple one showing inside weather conditions and a picture with description of what the camera sees. I

Step 1: Hardware and Software Required


1. Raspberry Pi 3 (you could also use Pi 2 or Pi model B)

2. Raspberry Pi camera

3. Texas Instruments CC2650 Sensor tag

4. SD Card


1.Raspbian Jessie with Pixel version : March 2017


2. Putty - a terminal to program your Pi


3. Additional Node for Node Red

I have detailed the nodes to be installed on the Pi in Step 3: Set up Node Red .

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