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Finally after nearly a year of working, i have finished my masterpiece; I have racked up more geek points by creating a backpack from an old macintosh SE computer c. 1988. I know everyone is saying either A.) why did you destroy a perfectly good macintosh? Or B.) Why didn't you spend that time making floppy disk plate mail like you promised? Well to be truthful/ in my defense, The mac was dead and I tried all I could to find the necessary system software, and I didn't want plate mail armor, however geeky, as much as I wanted this. Let's move on to the actual instructions:

Step 1: Acquire

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I've had this Mac for almost three years, it became a decorative object after one. Good lord how I loved the noises it made, the initial ping as it started up, the whirring of the hard drive, the enevitable struggling and breakdown because it didn't have a fan. I was reared on this computer (not this exact one mind you) and will always revere them.
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nudim25 days ago

very nice recycle of an old macintosh ... good job

doomsdayltd3 years ago
you could take this project and mix it with your floppy disk messanger bag, and you could take like an old vic-20 or a c64 or a atari home computer and gut the computer then hinging on end for a bag configuration :D
jtejkowski4 years ago
You need a T10 and T15 torx driver about 10 inches long. I got mine from Sears.
erikals5 years ago
I would seriously use one of these as a school backpack (with padding of course).
gmjhowe6 years ago
I know this is an older ible now. But you really need to make a point about discharging the CRT.
Madrias3576 years ago
Now I have a possible plan for an ancient computer case...
zitz6 years ago
it would be cool to do this with an old crt monitor
Acrylic matching the colour closely (or clear/smoke with the rear side sanded) and a heat gun or monster hairdryer, make sure the screen part is facing upwards (like if the computer was on it's back) lay the acrylic sheet over and heat evenly until the shaped is replicated, This will work with any thermoplastic plastic acrylic is just handy.
Thanks for that, Killerjackalope. I was looking for a way to do something like that, and you just helped me out. I have the heat gun, the plastic, and now the knowledge to do it right. Thanks.
this thing looks like an industrial vacuum cleaner I mean come on cool idea but still I think you have a little too much time to think about stuff lol!
Storm9507 years ago
Looks soooooo uncomfortable. Still nice idea ;)
one needs to vacuum chamber liquid rubbers and plastics to get them truely bubble free, though surface bubbles can be minimized by brushing on the first layer or two of mold material.
haha, thats funny. at first i thought your name said "im anal chemist'. sorry, had to point it out.
Lmao, no kidding! Still, what does "imanal" mean?
Derin Maxaxle7 years ago
it is:im an alchemist
hahahahahahahaha lmmfao same here
it still looks like that to me how should it read?
"im an alchemist"
OOOOO!! nope i dont see it :-P
gwyn157 years ago
Is this possible to do with a non mac?? I found an old multisync XV15 (NCC) on the sidewalk... and wanted to make this backpack. Originally I was going to try to make it a fish tank... but it seems that it's going to need a lot of supplies i don't have. Advice?
imanalchemist (author)  gwyn157 years ago
the steps will essentially be the same, gut the computer, find a replacement screen, find a way to open and close it, then attach it to your back
Thanks :)
deth2all7 years ago
Justin demands you show me a Mac-pack-quarium .....always wanted to make a macquarium
munchman7 years ago
What does the screen say?
Maxaxle8 years ago
Man, that's just nothing but looks...and ugly, at that. Funny and creative though.
Ward_Nox8 years ago
it may not be but it looks heavy
Hasersys8 years ago
HAhha Bulletproof! Carrottop! Funny. I think it is creative wonder how heavy it is? I am sure it doesn't weight much, just wondering.
rc jedi8 years ago
several points: 1. You will attract attention wearing that. 2. You will be bulletproof, at least from behind. 3. You may be mistaken for "Carrottop" 4. You will be "chaste" wearing that. 5. You can't use it while you wear it, unless you can get somebody to "insert a floppy from behind" for ya'. 6. The only thing keeping the military from wanting it is the color. thanks for the pics..........................cool
HAhha Bulletproof! Carrottop! Funny. I think it is creative wonder how heavy it is? I am sure it doesn't weight much, just wondering.
seems kinda pointless, but creative
nice.. original tetris
royalestel8 years ago
This is funny. That backpack sure looks uncomfortable, but I bet you could fit all the legos you'd want in there!
ha! you know nothing of legos, I have a bin thats 2x3x0.8 and its FULL of legos. you'de need two of these backpacks.
imanalchemist (author)  royalestel8 years ago
It's actually not that uncomfortable, It rests mostly on the shoulders and doesn't hurt your lumbar section at all. If you have the straps adjusted apropriately and not sagging down... I wish that more smaller backpacks were made
HubmaN8 years ago
It's a pity that you can't convert geek points to Slashdot karma... hehe, LOL!
mmm... i must admit... cute. but in a nerdy way... but nerd can be cute.
Borat8 years ago
Vera nice. How much?
...that is NOT nice backback you're wearing... i mean... nice backback....NOT
excellent!!!! in a month or 2 these will be on the catwalks of paris!
cb_328 years ago
ooo the backpains...
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