Picture of Macrame Trellis

I made this trellis because I needed something custom and nice looking so that my HOA wouldn't get upset. It took me about two hours to make.


Two 2x2

A lot of string, twine, paracord, or whatever is around the house that is mostly weather proof an wont snap.

A stake of some sort.

Step 1: Build the Frame

Picture of Build the Frame

Cut two pieces from the 2x2's at five feet and 5 inches. Cut two pieces at 15 1/2 inches.

Assemble the the pieces with screws. I only used two of the shorter pieces but a third or fourth could be used based on your own aesthetics.

The frame will be just under two feet wide. Now take it inside to make the macrame mesh.


Cool! Macrame is such a lost art....