Picture of Macrame Bracelet
  Macrame bracelets are easy to make, and lots of fun! If you make this bracelet with hemp thread, it will look more thick. If you use embroidery thread or crochet cotton, it will look fine and thin. Either way, it ends up looking awesome!

Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
Macrame bracelet 004.JPG
  You will need:
-Embroidery thread, crochet cotton, or hemp thread ( I used embroidery thread because it's all I had at the moment.)
-Paper clip
-Thumb tack/ nail
-Bracelet clip
ecohrs1 year ago
You didn't show the back of the finished bracelet. It would be nice to see how you close it to wear it.
Celine1107 (author)  ecohrs1 year ago
Since the loop is one side, you can just use the extra thread to tie a not, or even just attach a clip. But maybe if I get to it I will post a picture! :)
rubynell022 years ago
ive done them as well, but no intrustions have been as goodas yours! thanx. xxx
rbeforee3 years ago
This is a really terrific Instructable. Your images are much easier to understand than most. I also appreciate the samples using other materials.
Celine1107 (author)  rbeforee3 years ago
Thank you! :D
an11533 years ago
you boy or girl?
smokeysgirl4 years ago
6''+5''=11x2=22 not 24...other than that great instructable:)
Celine1107 (author)  smokeysgirl4 years ago
LOL i fixed it!!! Thanks :P
I would have to say that the embroidery thread and the hemp thread look the best and would be my choice of medium to make one my self great Instructable
Celine1107 (author)  Cyberscann544 years ago
Thanks, ya crotchet cotton doesn't look the best, but you can make it out of that if you want.