Macro Atachment for Pocket Digital Camera





Introduction: Macro Atachment for Pocket Digital Camera

An easy way to make a macro (and other) attachment for your camera if it has an extending lens barrel.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

you'll need a camera, xacto knife, selection of bottle caps and a selection of lenses

Step 2: Select a Bottle Cap That Will Almost Fit

in this case it's a prescription bottle lid from target. here I'm using the knife to trim out the inside of the bottle cap so I have a SLIGHT friction fit on the lens barrel. You want the fit tight enough so it doesn't fall off and loose enough so you don't strip gears when the barrel retracts.

Step 3: Adding the Lens

After you get the fit right trim out a hole to fit your lens. When selecting a lens quality counts, pick a good multi element if you can, use plastic as a last resort, cannibalized binoculars are a great source. This is part of a microscope eye piece

Step 4: Put It All Together

fit the lens in the bottle cap, slip the cap on the camera, and finally....

Oh yeah that's also a polarizing filter I added

Step 5: Take Some Pics

before and afters



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    I made one out an lens from an old camera and lined it with felt for a snug fit. I works great.

    The pictures didn't work in IE, so here they are:


     What type of lens or lenses did you use?

    I used part of an eyepiece to a microscope, but any convex lens can be used.

    I am makign an instructable on how to make one for your eye toy for if you use it as a webcam then ill make one on hwo to make ur eyetoy a webcam lol

    what can I use for macro lens for this

    TT-1033 MINI DIGITAL CAMERA_243.jpg

    I'll second that; I have a $10 mini camera just like that, though marked with a different brand. I suspect a pair of tubes that would slide inside each other, plus an appropriate magnifying lens, would do the trick.

    Using a 3x mafnifying glass and my $10 fixed focus camera, laid out like this gave me good results. Image is of a HDD controller circuit board, without magnifying glass (top) and with magnifying glass (bottom)


    That looks very good for your first try!