I have not searched through Instructables prior to making this reflector. I got the idea while watching this youtube video where Thomas Shahan discusses macro photography. If there are similar instructables already online, thats lekka. 
I thought using my standard Canon speedlight atop my DSLR would let me assess whether or not the several thousand rand macro flash rings are worth it, compared to 'makin do' with what I already had.
The outcome works pretty damn well [for hobby photography]

I constructed this from a piece of 0.5mm white ABS plastic sheeting. 
Materials and tools:
0.5mm White ABS Sheet, about A3 size.
Small gas soldering iron/blow torch used for bending the plastic.
superglue for a reinforcing piece
Elastic band for attaching the reflector to the Speedlight Flash.

I have also included some of the test photos taken with the following two rigs:
1. Canon 500d, 18-55mm kit lens, reverse mounted, and Canon Speedlight Flash.
2. as well as my new Canon powershot G15 and Canon Speedlight Flash.The powershot allows for accurate flash control, as well as extremely close focusing. 

Step 1: Prepare the Plastic

I sketched a rough size and shape of the reflector, using a dry-wipe marker. I used a piece of newspaper to help with getting the shape symmetrical.

Using a craft knife, I scored lines along the edges. This cut only penetrated about a third of the way through the plastic sheet allowing for a line of weakness where the shape can be broken out.
wow, the lighting looks great! you need extra light for macro photography right?
Ja. If you dont have a flash, you either need a very high ISO, or extremely bright light to be able to get a motion-blur free image. The flash helps a lot!

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