Step 2: The Magical Flower Button

Picture of The Magical Flower Button
This amazing so-called "flower button" is what puts your camera in macro mode. It's essential to know how to use it in order to take good macro photos.

On most cameras, there is a button with a flower by it, or the selector wheel has a flower on it. This is what puts your camera in macro mode, which allows it to focus on very close objects. This is to ensure your photos don't come out blurry.

When you want to take a close-up picture, press the macro button or turn the dial to the flower.

If your camera doesn't support macro, you may still be in luck. As long as it has zooming capabilities, you can take macros of sorts.

How to take good pictures while in macro mode is discussed in the next step, while taking macros with zoom is explained in the step after that.
Xthinker4 years ago
so thats what its for!!!!!!
diolola5 years ago
Good instructables, but can you tell me exactly how to make a yellow square and word tag inside a picture upon pointing at that square?
1up (author)  diolola5 years ago
You click and drag on the picture you want to add one to while editing your Instructable. ;)
diolola 1up5 years ago
ok, thank you very much for the response,
more power to you.
hojop256 years ago
good old macro :)