Macro Flash Enhancer


Introduction: Macro Flash Enhancer

This is a simple addon I made for my camera's popup flash to provide better illumination for macro shots.

What you need:
White piece of cardboard

Fold the cardboard to fit around the flash and cut an opening so that it can slide onto the flash unit.
Cut around the cardboard at a point slightly less than the length of your lens (about a centimeter) leaving the top section as a hinge.
Adjust the angle so that it is pointing just in front of your lens.
Cut off any excess if needed.
Glue everything together.
Take some pictures and enjoy.



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    Thanks all for the comments and feedback. I added more photos including some (rather poor) shots of the device mounted onto the camera.
    Ideanator: I included the dimensions for the flash unit but I doubt they would be the same for different camera models.

    Would you mind adding some dimensions and drawings for your macro flash tube? I'd love to build one.

    Awkward, I know, but we could do with a shot of it in place.

    Maybe in a mirror? Or on a phone camera?

    I use a round paper lamp shade from IKEA. These are cheap and spreads everything nicely.

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    Like this one: