Picture of Mad Hatter Hat
The mad hatter is one of my favorite characters! I love him! And I love his hat! So, I had this idea to make a hat just like his... using paper... sorry if I disappointed you :P 
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Step 1: Draw

Picture of Draw
Now, we've got a problem with the pic. I drew two circles and a rectangle... YOU WILL ONLY NEED ONE CIRCLE AND A RECTANGLE :D Hope you don't get too confused. You can draw them any size you want, but if you ask me, you better don't make a very small hat! 

Step 2: The cylinder

Picture of The cylinder
Take the rectangle (after you cut it of course)and make a cylinder like shown below. It shall be a cylinder that has a big base and a small one... 
Glue it and cut the edges.

Step 3: Continue...

Picture of Continue...
Your cylinder shall look like this by now. Take your scissors and cut the smaller base as shown below. You are going to use these edges to glue your cylinder on the circle you drew in the beginning. :D

Step 4: Glue

Picture of Glue

Step 5: The top

Picture of The top
Cut a rectangle. Yes, a rectangle! :D Trace the top of the hat there as shown, but do not cut it! Fold the edges like shown below, even if you think they're too big! :D 

Step 6: Problem?

Picture of Problem?
I know, I have been told, it won't fit perfectly! That happens because you don't insert it in the same position you traced it, plus tracing is not precise!!! :P It doesn't matter! Cover it with duct tape or something! You're going to paint it then, so you just need the shape... it will def be perfect! :D 

Step 7: Paint

Picture of Paint
This is totally up to you to choose your fav color or design! 

Step 8: Ribbon (Optional... but it looks veryyyyyy cool)

Picture of Ribbon (Optional... but it looks veryyyyyy cool)
You shall consider adding a ribbon! But if you don't... YOU'RE ALREADY DONE! Enjoy! 

Step 9: Throw a tea party!

I mean it! The mad hatter would love to join!