Mad Professor Steampunk Lamp!


Introduction: Mad Professor Steampunk Lamp!

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Having seen loads of great light ideas on this site i thought I'd give a couple a go.
This one i didn't really think warranted an instructable so its 'only' a slideshow.

Let me know if you want one on this though?

Its just an old brass lampfitting wired to the internals of a UK dimmer switch with a 250v ac analogue meter wired in parallel with the lamp.



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    Would love an instructable Would be a great addition to my list of things to build

    I'd love an instructable - especially one that showed a closer look at the circuit. That isn't a 240v voltmeter is it? Is the winding down of the current for the globe enough? How many volts is it?

    I was thinking of making one of these steampunk guns with working lights which run of a 12v rechargable battery (which I'd hide of course =).

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    Definitely worth an ible!

    I can almost hear it humming in the bright photos.

    In fact, if it doesn't hum, I demand that you add a device to make it hum as it gets brighter.


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    Here! Here! Kiteman is most correct on this one!

    You win!!! Instructions just posted but sorry Kiteman, the only thing humming are my fingers! Enjoy and be NICE.

    Please post instructions!

    Yes, PLEASE post instructions! I want one!