As I was browsing the Instructables website I found a project that I thought was really cool.  The project, DYI Frankenstein Bulb by snow1434 (https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Frankenstein-Bulb/), used light bulbs to make a really cool looking light.  

Thinking it was really cool, and knowing my four year old son loves monsters and old school looking things.  Of course I took some liberties with the design, and the layout (which is what this instruct able is about) but all  of the basics are the same as snow1434's project.  I forgot to take pictures of every stage, but I do have videos of most of them, so be sure to watch the videos too.  This is my first time with a lot of these items, acrylic and soldering especially.

Well here goes...

Step 1: The Design

In this, like snow1434, I used two LEDs in parallel.  The only superbright LEDs I had around were blue ones that I got from Virtuabotix.com.  So that is the most obvious difference right now.  Also I removed the battery from the design, and added a wall wart.  I used an old 6v, 2A wall wart that hash't been used in years.  I then added mounts for the bulbs to make them a bit more steady.  Since I built this for my four year old, I wanted and needed it to be a bit stronger.  The other main design change was that I used an enclosure.  Once again this was based on who I build it for.  I didn't want to have to deal with broken glass everywhere if my son managed to break it.  So this looks vastly different from snow1434's, but they are very similar.
This one broke. I didn't do a well enough job sealing one of the bulbs and it leaked out shorting the circuit. Working on the next one now. Building this one with erector style pieces.
Awesome you did nice job love the way you did it to !!
Thanks!!! That sounds like an awesome idea. The next one will definitely try that mix. Sounds really cool. The capacitors in the wall wart keep glowing for a few seconds after shutting it off, but nothing as cool as a prolonged after glow.
Try using a UV led and a little glow powder from united nuclear mixed in the gel, it glows like crazy and continues to after you turn off the power.<br>I have had good luck using Prestone antifreeze and gelatin to get a stabile glow goo if you want a uv responsive filler.
<p>Looks awesome!</p>

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