Picture of Mad Scientist Shrink Ray
What mad scientist's laboratory is complete without a Shrink Ray? Answer: None. So whether you just need to make all of your worldly possessions fit inside a matchbox, or bring your enemies down to size, you need a Shrink Ray.
So you've searched all the pawn shops and flea markets in the area and you just can't seem to find one; seems like its up to you to build one for yourself. Luckily, you found this Instructable to show you just how to build one. To start, here's a list of materials you'll need: Adjustable Lamp, Vaccuum Cleaner Motor (or other similar motor), Assortment of Springs(optional), Cambell's Soup Can, And anything that you think would be cool(it is your Shrink Ray, so get creative). Now, the materials list seems kinda short, but that's because you have to figure out what you want on your Shrink Ray; however, I will tell ya'll what I used as we go.
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Step 1: Prepare Your Lamp

Part One: Take the lamp completely apart(or at least mostly). Since it's an adjustable lamp there should be some sort of weight in the base; your'e gonna want to keep this because it's the only thing that's gonna keep your Shrink Ray from flipping over and completely destroying all your hard work. Obviously, it's important. Part Two: Reassemble the lamp, but leave out the insides(this includes the power cord, we dont want anyone trying to actually plug this thing in!). Sorry, no pictures... I made this after I built the Ray, but you can figure it out can't you?
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cool and awesome man

okay, i just read through the comments and realized, it doesnt work??!!!! i'm a nerd for believing in shrink rays. :'( (bummin)... okay well anyway, nobody reply to that last comment beacause i answered my own question, but thx anyway for not answering, lol
No i dont think so me and my friend was really gonna shrik ourselves and we thought it was legit maybe there is a such thing a real shrink ray that we don't know about

really I knew it was fake all along!

Mattmann22 months ago
Can you buy this invention at any website? if so, where
pwhite161 year ago
Is The Shrink Ray Real
neoseek05183 years ago
Does it work or it is just a fake?because if it does not work i will try to create one that works.
my photo3 years ago
well too bad it is only a model but it is a good model anyways!!!!          signed: my photo                                                                                                                         
my photo3 years ago
your creation is the best!! i love it and soon ill change my picture to a bed!!
my question, this is the most important to me: does it actually positively work? I have to know before i try!!!!!!!!!!! if, you've tried it and it worked please reply. :)
srabe3 years ago
can things you shrink with the shrink ray turn back to normal size
srabe3 years ago
if you shrink a human can the human turn back into normal size
nocker6 years ago
Shrink Ray impossible you say? These guys have a Coin Shrinker!
The coin shrinker actually works and it uses extremely high voltage and high levels of magnetism. You can shrink paper money too and you do it by immersing it in some chemical and then drying it out; I suppose that you can do it with hot water too.
That's rather unbelievably terrifying.
hyperactiveguy (author)  nocker6 years ago
very interesting, but a true shrink ray would be able to shrink more than just metal, but that coin shrinker is AWESOME!!
trace20094 years ago
will this aculy work because i want to shrink my self and if it does then how do i get back to normal size
my photo4 years ago
i relley want to
my photo4 years ago
i wish i cuold shrink the worst person in my whole intyer school................................ avery!!!!!!! and catalina
trace20094 years ago
I want to shrink myself so if i do how will i gwt back to normal size? Will my insides shrink with me and why don't you shrink yourself and do it back again so i no its ok to shrink myself
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Now just make it functional...
hyperactiveguy (author)  LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Actually, a functional shrink ray would (in theory) be impossible, because you'd have to shrink the actual atoms that make up the object.(I came up with that myself). However it would be really cool!
Ah, but you can reduce the distance BETWEEN the atoms. It would leave the weight the same, and decrease the size, raising the density. You would die, but you could shrink inanimate objects.
hyperactiveguy (author)  spork9696 years ago
I don't think the laws of physics currently allow that to happen... but interesting idea...
Currently? Are they going to change? I hope so. That way working portal guns could exist.
no,a functional shrink ray would be possible, because you can try to destroy about half the number of atoms, so that the object would be halved, but you won't get a perfect copy (because you can't decide wich atoms are deleted, making the object a big pile of atoms) an enlarging beam would be realistic too, but it can only be used do "duplicate" raw materials, no machines
hyperactiveguy (author)  necropolian6 years ago
I guess, but let's say you could shrink atoms...any living thing would inevatably die(can't breathe because atoms are different sizes making reactions impossible...But wouldn't your idea be a semi-disintegrator, not a true shrink ray?
yes, it would be a semi-desintegrator, but that shrinks anything too (destroying all the unstable atom's) but actually shrinking an atom itself, is impossible. but, an enlarging beam would be possible by inserting nanobots that are programmed to duplicate anything the nanobots aren't made of. and making the nanobots brake after a few hours.
hyperactiveguy (author)  necropolian6 years ago
One problem, how to make the nanobots? And again, living things would die.
making the nanobots is easy, they only have to make one, with two programs: 1. duplicate itself (let's say ten times) 2.after ten duplications, start duplicating (say nitrogen) atoms that should do the job
hyperactiveguy (author)  necropolian6 years ago
Nanobots=tiny. Microchip=small. How do you program a nanobot if the microchip won't fit in it? Nanobots are made of atoms, so how do we MAKE the nanobots, and CONTROL them, anyway, you can't beam the robots into something, Scotty! So how do the nanobots duplicate the inner atoms of an object?
there are ways to do that, scotty! nanobot's can duplicate themselves(atom's) so in theory they would be able to duplicate other atom's, and you can't control them, you give them a few lines of programming and they do that... but this would be the most realistic theory to make an enlarging beam. a shrink ray should be possible NOW if it sprays acid with high pressure onto the object.
hyperactiveguy (author)  necropolian6 years ago
Well if it's possible now why aren't we BUILDING one?! I guess people think Iphones are cooler.
well, the acid (probably Sulfuric acid) would be a too expensive, the special clothing would be too expensive, the materials would be expensive, the project would be 'highly' dangerous... need more reasons?
Lowney5 years ago
hyperactiveguy (author)  Lowney5 years ago
of this? It didn't do anythin but sit there...but the glue holding it together started to break n eventually it fell completely glue isn't the best for the long term...sorry
Oh right yeah I didn't read this through properly then! I though that it may spin round or light up or something. It's still nice though
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