Madaline Rose - Cotton-Ease Bunny





Introduction: Madaline Rose - Cotton-Ease Bunny

Bunny Madaline Rose was a fun project. I found her pattern in the "knitsimple" spring/summer 2007 magazine. Using left over Lion Brand's Cotton Ease yarn I crocheted her body as instructions stated. I added my own design for her hat, jumper and necklace. i also made "Suzie Q", a pig that was in the same magazine.
I have a shop on ETSY that has knitted hats, accessories and paper angels.



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    where do I get the instructions to make the madaline rose bunny? I have a coworker who is going to use that name for her baby. It would be cute to make for her shower, thanks

    I LOVE IT!!! I have got to make one too, my 10yr. old daughters name is Madaliene Rose!!! Nathalie

    Thank you. I love the name Madaliene Rose and do think this bunny turned out pretty cute. I bet your daughter is as lovely as her name.

    Cute! They're both cute, I would love to have one! And when you reply to people, click the orange reply button, then it will show up on our things so we know you replied, thanks!

    Thanks for the compliment. And thanks for letting me know to click the orange reply button. I am new at this so appreciate all the help I can get.

    No problem, I have seen new members not clicking the reply button, so telling new members here on Instructables really helps people out.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    I love homemade toys, and I love these two too!