Step 1: Test Your Stretchers

Make sure the stretchers when roughly assembled fit over your entire design.

Measure the design before you pick out your stretchers. Most sites post the printed size of the design in the details.
I accidents got the wrong sized shirt for my brother but no exchanges! So I was able to use this and make art for him to take to college!!
<p>Has anyone attempted a clear-coat or used a wood painting panel to provide more durability/stability?</p>
<p>This shirt was getting too ratty to wear, but now it's immortalized as wall art!</p>
<p>Thanks so much for posting this! I really love this shirt but it didn't fit anymore. I wanted to still keep it and this was the perfect way to do it!</p>
So cool! For some reason every time I tried to look up t-shirts as wall decor ('cause I wanted to do it too and see how others did it), it would never show a t-shirt version, just scrap pieces of fabric. <br> <br>I will definitely use this method the next time I have a shirt that's unwearable but still loved.
that`s so nifty
Thanks so much! I'm going into my stash of T-shirts I couldn't bear to give away. There's a cool James Dean there somewhere!
this is really cool. thank you so much for the detailed instructions and pictures with notes!!
Cool idea! A great way to save your favorite shirts when they're about to disintegrate, too.

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