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This is an Instructable on refurbishing an old skateboard. I did this at TechShop RDU in Raleigh, NC:

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I've had this skateboard since I was a child, and decided recently I was going to teach my dog to pull it on a harness while I ride it. Aim high...

Step 1:

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First, disassemble it into its constituent parts. You won't need much more than a screwdriver and a wrench to clasp the bolt on the bottom. After that, strip off the old skid tape and any other pieces of tape, gum, etc. that might have attached over the years.
MR..2 years ago
This is sick brother!! There's a deck I have that needs some love badly. This inspires me to do some rad stuff with my old decks!
RaleighBKV (author)  MR..2 years ago
Ha, thanks. I don't actually know how to skateboard, so do you have any advice on more stable wheels or something to help me balance while my dog pulls?
MR.. RaleighBKV2 years ago
Check out some longboard wheels.. (http://www.windwardboardshop.com/orangatang-in-heat-longboard-wheels-purple-75mm-83a.html) The biggest and fattest are what you're looking for. Also, check out getting some new trucks for your deck (http://www.warehouseskateboards.com/tracker-racetrack-s-stable-139mm-mid-polished-skateboard-trucks-8-axle-set-of-2).. That will definitely make your cruising more enjoyable!!
RaleighBKV (author)  MR..2 years ago
much appreciated
Here at the San Jose TechShop, we laser cut grip tape into intricate patterns. this way you won't have to truncate your deck.
RaleighBKV (author)  controlledwrinkles2 years ago
I was thinking about doing that. It wouldn't be too troublesome, since it's just on with artist's adhesive and isn't a permanent fixture.
Such a perfect fish-tail shape... awesome board and awesome project.

Thanks for sharing!

RaleighBKV (author)  GorillazMiko2 years ago
Thanks, it's always nice to take something falling apart and make something useful out of it.