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Introduction: Made With Yarn by Bleu Arts

About: I have been furiously creating for over 13 years. I love learning while making stuff & things, so I am constantly trying something new. I design and sell knitting patterns over at my online store at etsy. an...

These images are of many of the items I have hand knit. A few of the patterns have been designed by me which are available in my etsy store (

You can see more of my work in my flickr photo album.



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    All I can say is... Amazing...

    Wow--what a great variety of projects! I think it's great that you tackle all sorts of different projects. The Leia hat is crazy!

    Why don't I see a slideshow?

    Awesome work! I love the multi-colored scarf - it is just beautiful! And the Princess Lea wig is too funny. My husband wants me to knit hair for him since he has seen some bizarre knit hair online. Maybe I should make him one of these! ;) I love the felted beads, too. I need to try that since it combines my love of yarn and beading!

    that wig looks like princess leias hair!

    Oops, you did. The logo changed

    That Was Sick, I wish I could buy that Wig/Hat!

    Wow what a great slideshow. I love the Princess Leia hat. Your finishing is wonderful on the slippers. Thanks for sharing.

    Nice job! You're really good at this stuff, I hope you win something in the contest!