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Introduction: Made With Yarn by Bleu Arts

These images are of many of the items I have hand knit. A few of the patterns have been designed by me which are available in my etsy store (

You can see more of my work in my flickr photo album.



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    All I can say is... Amazing...

    Wow--what a great variety of projects! I think it's great that you tackle all sorts of different projects. The Leia hat is crazy!

    Why don't I see a slideshow?

    Awesome work! I love the multi-colored scarf - it is just beautiful! And the Princess Lea wig is too funny. My husband wants me to knit hair for him since he has seen some bizarre knit hair online. Maybe I should make him one of these! ;) I love the felted beads, too. I need to try that since it combines my love of yarn and beading!

    that wig looks like princess leias hair!

    You should add this to the lion brand yarn challenge.

    Oops, you did. The logo changed

    That Was Sick, I wish I could buy that Wig/Hat!

    Wow what a great slideshow. I love the Princess Leia hat. Your finishing is wonderful on the slippers. Thanks for sharing.