Madoka Kaname Bow


Introduction: Madoka Kaname Bow

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This probably isn't the best tutorial but whatever -__-

Step 1: Materials

The pic only shows some of the materials. You will need: 1.styrofoam (at Michales they have long sheets of it) 2.paper to draw out your design 3.flour and water for paper mâché 4.a saw or large knife 5.brown paint 6.a fake pink rose and fake leaves 7.there are probably other materials but I forgot them e__e

Step 2: Draw Out a Design

Step 3: Trace It

Trace your pattern on the styrofoam

Step 4: Cut Them Out

Using the saw, cut the prices out :3 and I would recommend doing this outside, because little pieces of styrofoam will go everywhere!

Step 5: Paper Mâché

It's just flour and water ;3 also put down like some type of paper under while you are doing this because it does get pretty messy

Step 6: Put the Pieces Together

Using toothpicks while the pieces are still a little wet, poke at least 3 holes in one of the pieces and then put glue on it and stick them together (sorry I'm not good at explaining things XD)

Step 7: Paint It

Use white spray paint as a base then paint a couple layers of brown. I also duct- taped where the pieces were seperate.

Step 8: Add Floral Accessories

First poke a hole (where you want the flower of a leaf to go) in the bow. Then put hot glue in the hole and stick the leaf/flower in there. I don't have any finished pics of the bow and oil haven't added the gems yet, but Idk how I would even make them lol



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