First of all this is an anime cosplay for Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Kaname's weapon — flower bow).

I gathered a lot of references on pinterest:


By the end of this tutorial you will find how to make the bow set.

Supplies you need (I got most of them in Michael's):

2 pre-wired cheery blossom/rose branches

1 pre-wired rose branch

2 flower arrangement green cones

1 hot glue gun

acrylic paint in gold and pink

heavy weight paper

1 small bag of air dry paper clay

paper tape

double sided tape

wire cutter

paper scissor

pencil for drawing


paint color reference chips (at home depot paint section, dark pink, white and light baby pink)

Step 1: Gather Flowers That Are Already Pre-wired Inside

I brought these flowers at Michael's.

A rose batch with one full open and two half blooms (for the head of the bow and arrow body)

the rose looks this

A rose batch with very long steam and small branches (for the main body of the flower bow)

the main stem looks like this


When choosing the length of the strems, think of how long you want the bow body to be. I am 5' so I only need two rose batches, and if you are taller than me you might need to buy more stems to tape them together.

<p>Love it! I made a similar bow and arrow when I was a centaur a couple years ago. </p>
<p>thank you!</p>
<p>thank you!</p>
<p>This looks great, and very good instructions too. Nice work! :)</p>
thank you so much.

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