Picture of Mag-Lite Bike Lamp
Modify a AA mini-maglite to be a long-lasting, low-key CHEAP bike light. Features LEDs for long battery life and handlebar-mounted remote controls. You can even continue using the flashlight off the bike. Perfect for urban nocturnal stealth rides.

This instructable relies on an off-the-shelf AA minimag and LED module, brand name "NIGHT-IZE." It was about $12. It also relies on several serendipitous brackets and clips to mount this stuff to my bike. Readers can search out the exact stuff I used, but I figure the average Instructables reader is resourceful enough to figure out their own version.

Other materials/tools: miniature momentary and toggle switches, 10" lengths of 24 AWG wire, some heat shrink, a 1/8" female phone jack and plug. I used a TRS (stereo) plug but it doesn't have to be. In fact some other kind of jack/plug combination might work. Oh, and the spring from a retractable ballpoint pen!

The LED module is not terribly bright - about the same as a 3-LED head-worn lamp. Don't bother comparing it to some $150 HID paint-peeler. It is enough to to see the path in the woods or the crusties lurking under that bridge. My night-ride philosophophy is stealth. As someone else on this site said, "they can't aim for what they can't see." My system uses a momentary and a toggle switch in parrallel so I can have the light on all the time or only when I pull the trigger.
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add it to the light your ride contest!!
grackel7 years ago
This is great, but what did you use as a clamp to attach the microphone clip to the handlebars? I guess I can just I can if just told me. :)
Steviestar7 years ago
I've come up with a slightly quicker (though possibly not as rugged) set-up: I bolted a Nite-Ize AA maglite wall mount to a standard issue front reflector handlebar mount; Pictures to follow when i get the chance! Wouldn't use it off-road, but it's fine for urban tarmac use, especially as it's quick and easy to remove the flashlight for security reasons. And i wouldn't have thought about it at all if i hadn't read this instructible, cheers!
Daedalus7 years ago
That's Cool... ... If only I had Some more handle bar room, not with all those gadgets I have made for my ride!
herbicide8 years ago
NITE-IZE are the only ones that do that module, but there are loads of other options -
pekar9 years ago
I really like the Ministar 2 Luxeon conversion for maximum performance from an aa Mini Mag. It can be had for $21, search froogle.
TiGGer9 years ago
You can go to Lowe's. They have a little combo kit that has a toggle switch/led module for $8 and some change. Wal-mart also has the led module for <$5.
werkzeuger (author) 9 years ago
Yes the luxeon stuff is sweet, like the Little Fish light. I'm cheap so I wanted to use what was on hand. I would put rechargeables in the mag light but the original crappy alkalines I slapped in there to test it are still working great. Anybody know if "NITE-IZE" is the only company making this module?
xsmurf9 years ago
Very nice mode! The fittings and mounting brackets look excellent! I also like the dual switch. I've been thinking of pimping my bike for a while, this could be a nice start, albeit I was thinking about a Luxeon mod. Maybe have a battery pack in a small underseat bag, would be easy to remove for charging.