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Simple emergency first aid/ medic kit that fits easily into most standard M4 mag pouches.

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Gather your contents:
The contents do not have to be expensive but they must be of high Quality. This your own I.F.A.K (individual first aid kit) and what is contained in it maybe be used on you, so ensure it gives u the best chance of survival.
I have prepped this kit with blood stoppers as controlling bleeding as quick as possible greatly increases chances of survival.

• 2x double M4 mag pouches.
• 1x 6 inch isreali bandage
• Gause rolls in a variety of sizes
• Crepe bandage
• Non stick pads
• Heavy duty zip lock bags to protect against elements
This blow out kit has bare basics for treating major haemorrhages. I highly recommend carrying a tourniquet and quikclot and more bandages on your person, but I designed this kit to fit into M4 mag pouches and to be quickly accessible.
Thanks for reading,
Keep 'er light!

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amberrayh (author)2015-06-11

Nice kit. Thanks for sharing!

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