I will not be posting this, as the ram gun only shot 30 feet. The sling shot around 100 feet.
The reason it only shoots 30 feet other than it's a direct mag gun is the pin pull is very short.
Hooray for late replies! It was non interlocking, and yes, the pin pull was very short.
post its really good<br />
Sorry, it's long gone. I'll reduild it after my sear sniper if enough people want it.
Thanks for 500 comments!!!! <strong>A SEAR SNIPER! </strong>AWESOME!<br />
That trigger looks familiar....&nbsp; <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Jackal-v4" rel="nofollow">Hmmm...</a><br />
Please post it, if you are concerned about the ram gun, just change the mag to a standard one. I'm sorry the interlocking idea didn't work.<br />
It's my fault that it dosn't fire far. It was because of the stock design, I had to short-stroke the ram so it could cock.
nice! 5*<br />
np<br />
Thats pretty cool. So its a mag fed slingshot?
thanks. and no, it was 2 guns in one. a slingshot and a non interlocking ram gun.
FIRST<br />

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