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Introduction: MagBow 2.0

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I will not be posting this, as the ram gun only shot 30 feet. The sling shot around 100 feet.



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    The reason it only shoots 30 feet other than it's a direct mag gun is the pin pull is very short.

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    Hooray for late replies! It was non interlocking, and yes, the pin pull was very short.

    Sorry, it's long gone. I'll reduild it after my sear sniper if enough people want it.

    Thanks for 500 comments!!!! A SEAR SNIPER! AWESOME!

    Please post it, if you are concerned about the ram gun, just change the mag to a standard one. I'm sorry the interlocking idea didn't work.

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    It's my fault that it dosn't fire far. It was because of the stock design, I had to short-stroke the ram so it could cock.


    thanks. and no, it was 2 guns in one. a slingshot and a non interlocking ram gun.