Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need:


Wire cutters
Matchsticks (to apply epoxy)


Neodymium Ring-Shaped Magnets (enough to cover your adaptor plug with some overhang)
Wire Studs (to fit into the power socket)
Steel Washers (asst. sizes, make sure your magnets will STICK to them)
Thin Copper Foil (Note: aluminum duct tape has too much resistance)
Electrical Tape
Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive
Calming Incense (to keep you sane while working with the fiddly bits)

My design for building this adaptor changed many times throughout the build due to trial and error, it is best to start out with too many pieces and then narrow it down to what you actually need than to be stuck without a part you really need.

Cost Breakdown:
Magnets: $2.45 each
Wire Studs: $1.65 for 10
Epoxy: $5
Copper Foil: $10
Various Washers and Nails: $4
Incense: $1.95

Total Cost: ~$32 CDN
ledelato5 years ago
 Would wire students go by a different name? Amazon gets me nothing that looks remotely correct when I search for wire studs. Also, if I do want to try regular aluminum foil (since I already have some in my kitchen!) can someone else confirm the comment that the problem was that aluminum tape and not regular aluminum foil was used?
mrmrmr5 years ago
Regular aluminum foil should work just fine-  I'm guessing the only reason you had a problem was because you used tape, and the glue brings the resistance up.
larystoy5 years ago
Would the magnet from the top of an old CD be strong enough. They also have a matching steel washer of the same size. I have one that is 1/2 od, with a 5/16 id?

louis.kli5 years ago
I see you live in vancouver :D